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Ford Goes Smaller

Jeremiah Ford agrees with the "smaller is better" maxim. Almost 30

years ago he and the late Bill Short opened a small architectural

practice, Short and Ford. Now the 45-person firm, Ford Farewell Mills

& Gatsch, is known for its work in historic preservation,

architectural design, and planning, and interior design.

At a time when some men might retire, Ford wants to keep on going – on

his own terms, doing smaller scale jobs. But he has lost patience with

the endless meetings that go with being a partner in a larger firm.

"I want to get smaller, have fewer meetings, and simpler direction,"

says Ford. "We have wonderful marketing and HR departments at the

Carnegie Center, and the partners meet quite frequently." Then there

are the "new mission" meetings, and the retreats. "With just a couple

of people you don’t need a retreat. When you hear each other’s phone

calls, you don’t need a meeting. With Bill I knew what he was doing,

and he knew what I was doing – we could cover for each other."

Ford’s new office will be on the second floor at 32 Nassau Street.

"I’m taking young Turks with me, including Quinn Schwenker, and we

will be doing residential jobs and smaller scale jobs, particularly in

Princeton." He also looks forward to continuing his involvement with

the Princeton Chamber and the Regional Business Partnership.

One job that he will take with him is the headquarters for Delaware &

Raritan Greenway, which will move from Canal Road to a property it

owns, the General Johnson property on Rosedale Road, where the

township will construct athletic fields. He looks forward to

transforming a a barn into a wonderful headquarters, complete with big

rooms in the hayloft spaces above, with plenty of room for meetings

and other nonprofit groups.

"I’m very happy with the move," he says. "I’m not separating from the

people I’m leaving – we’re staying in touch."

Ford 3 Architects, 32 Nassau Street, Princeton 08542.

Jeremiah Ford. 609-924-0043.

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