As Lambertville/New Hope plan for fireworks on July 4, perhaps we need to ask what is more important in making this area a great tourist destination — fireworks like thousands of other locations or a very special nesting site of the great and beautiful American Bald Eagle. Our “Tower Eagles” are certainly a powerful draw for bird watchers and nature lovers of all types. I doubt there are many places so close to busy towns where you can follow the nesting life of these majestic birds.

If we treat them at all right they may continue to raise eaglets here for many more years. However, exploding fireworks only hundreds of yards from their nest may just cause them to abandon their home. Since eagles are unable to start flying for their first 10 to 12 weeks, and our tower eaglet was hatched at the end of April, he/she will be unable to escape the violent noise of a July 4th celebration.

If we really want to show or love of country, let’s show care for our greatest living symbol.

Mike Mann


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