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This article by Kathleen McGinn Spring was prepared for the October 30, 2002 edition of U.S. 1 Newspaper. All rights reserved.

For Food Entrepreneurs

Maybe you’ve always wanted to open a little food business.

Here’s an organization for you: the New Jersey Small Business Food

Alliance. It offers real-life advice on issues ranging from funding

to product development, ingredient sourcing, marketing, and everything

it takes to grow your food business.

The alliance sponsors a meeting on Friday, November 1, at 9 a.m. at

the Center for Advanced Food Technology at 120 New England Avenue

in Piscataway. "Starch: a Little Goes a Long Way," is the

topic for Valerie Jezequel of National Starch and Chemical Company.

She will discuss the essentials of starch selection and application

in a variety of food applications. Her Bridgewater-based firm is a

global leader in the manufacture of specialty food starches. The event

is free by registration; call Jeff Pedone at 732-576-1600.

"Starches are a major ingredient in almost all types of food and

their selection is often a daunting task for manufacturers involved

in the new product development process," says spokesperson Beth

Chezmar. "The right starch influences not only the texture,

crispiness, and appearance, but also the stability of foods ranging

from meat and fish products to baked goods and dairy items, sauces

and salad dressings.

The alliance includes professionals in food technology, packaging,

public relations, and sales as well as more unusual specialties. It

is supported by Rutgers, the Center for Advanced Food Technology,

and the Small Business Development Centers of New Jersey.

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Corrections or additions?

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