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For Dow Jones, A Major Tenant

Impower Inc. will expand from its location on Orchard

Road in Montgomery Township to 110,594 square feet at the recently

constructed 365,883 square foot building on the Dow Jones campus on

Route 1 and Ridge Road. Impower was represented by Wayne Kasbar and

Paul Giannone of Jacobson Goldfarb & Tanzman (JGT) and Dow Jones was

represented by the Staubach Company.

Impower is a 80-person interactive direct marketing company

(908-904-6001,, and a division of American List Counsel, which is

also making the move from Orchard Road to the Down Jones space.


has such clients as American Express, Dell Computer, Time Warner,

Barnes&, and Eric Zilling is the president,

Jim Sas the COO and CFO, and Irv Brechner is the executive vice


Among the owners are Donn Rappoport, chairman of American List


and Harry Brener, of Technology Management & Funding. Impower’s board

of directors also includes Edward Jordan (executive vice president

and CFO of ITXC Corp., former CFO of Dialogic Corporation), Marvin

Sharfstein (president of merchant banking group MBS Capital


Allan Silber (CEO of Counsel Corporation), and Morris Perlis


of Counsel Corporation and former executive vice president and general

manager of American Express’ U.S. Personal Card Division).

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