A postscript to last week’s cover: The “models” for our February 3 issue (“Serving Up Love: 9 Ways to Get Closer) were James Robertson of Pequod, the corporate communications and printing company at 743 Alexander Road, and his wife, Candace-Lee, of MimoMonitors.com. As they were photographed having a romantic dinner a deux at the chef’s table at Elements, Candace-Lee was nine months pregnant — and due to give birth on Valentine’s Day.

It turns out that their early Valentine’s Day supper at Elements was a last hurrah before the big B: Candace-Lee gave birth to a healthy baby girl, Kiri — 5 pounds, 7 ounces — on Monday, February 8. We wish them well.

IDs for this week’s cover: Clockwise from lower left: Christina Crawford (black jacket), Piroska Toth, Marilyn Brenner, Annette Villaverde, Jennifer Carson, Pamela Giggie-Accetta, and Nicole Wilkins Berman. To find out how these seven women manage to stand the heat in one kitchen, please turn to Pat Tanner’s story, page 10.

To the Editor:

Autism Update

The retraction of the article in the British medical journal, the Lancet, linking vaccines to autism is an almost unprecedented occurrence and a major step forward for the autism community. It validates what we at Eden Autism Services have long believed: vaccines do not cause autism.

This announcement will hopefully provide confidence to parents when it comes to vaccinations and bring an end to the trend of parents not vaccinating their children, which risks the potential of resurrecting many serious diseases. While some may continue research on this subject, the field can now focus their attention in other areas to identify the causes of autism. While research into finding the cause of autism is important, we must keep in mind the need for appropriate services for those who have already been diagnosed with this disorder.

Anne S. Holmes

Chief Clinical Officer,

Eden Autism Services

Community Works

On January 25 more than 400 participants representing more than 200 non-profit organizations across the state attended this year’s 13th annual Princeton Community Works, a series of workshops that encouraged networking and teamwork.

Our deep gratitude goes to Princeton University for its generosity as our host, to our volunteers, and to the 40 workshop presenters, and to the Nottingham High School Step Dancers who demonstrated the key components of organizational success: Know Your Mission: Every Journey Begins with a Single Step; Spend Time on Formation: Step in Place and Know Your Part; Cheer People On: Don’t Wait Until the End of the Game to Cheer; Take a Chance: Join In; and Learn New Steps.

I also want to express my sincere appreciation to the media for their ongoing support.

Marge Smith

Founder, Princeton

Community Works


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