Several items that appeared in the October 3 issue warrant follow-up.

First, a brief correction. A caption on page 13 about an author’s presentation at the David Library of the American Revolution incorrectly implied that Valley Forge was a battle, rather than a strategically important encampment.

Kip Cherry, an officer with the Princeton Battlefield Society, noted:

“Since the Battles of Trenton and Princeton were key battles (first major win of any sort, and the first win against the professional British Army, both major turning points in the American Revolution), it is important to demonstrate their enormous importance over and above encampments at Valley Forge and Morristown.

“Some day (maybe for the 250th Anniversary coming up?) hopefully Trenton and Princeton will get visitors centers, and maybe we’ll get a New Jersey Visitors Center, which taken together can begin to better explain the actual dynamics of the American Revolution and the battles that won it, and that led to the founding of our nation.”

In the good news department: playwright Dominique Morisseau — who was profiled in last week’s issue and whose play, “Detroit ’67,” is in previews at McCarter Theater and opens on Saturday, October 13, for a two-week run — was named a MacArthur Foundation “Genius Grant” recipient for 2018. Other Princeton-connected recipients of the $625,000 no-strings-attached stipend are chemical and biological engineering professor Clifford Brangwynne and mathematics professor Allan Sly, both of Princeton University.

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