In a climate where more than 53 charges of sexual harassment are filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) each business day, it makes good business sense for companies to invest in sexual harassment and discrimination training.

For five years, The Lindenberger Group has been providing savvy businesses with sexual harassment training, discrimination training and mentoring programs. President Judith Lindenberger brings her considerable experience working both sides of the issue to bear through her thriving consulting business.

“The Lindenberger Group has doubled in size each year,” said Lindenberger, who has experience designing and facilitating training programs and receiving and investigating complaints. “There clearly is a need for employees and managers to engage in this type of training.”

According to Lindenberger, despite almost a generation of regulation and litigation, 41 percent of U.S. employers still do not provide sexual harassment and discrimination training. “This begs the question: why isn’t harassment and discrimination training more universal, given the level of employer legal exposure and the number of complaints filed annually with the EEOC?” she asked, adding that in 2005, an EEOC survey found in excess of 75,000 employment discrimination and sexual harassment complaints filed.

The Lindenberger Group has the answer, thanks to its comprehensive results-oriented human resources and organization development offerings. “In addition to these trainings, we provide human resource audits, 360-degree assessment and feedback, employee surveys, award-winning mentoring programs, career outplacement and leadership development.”

Lindenberger is particularly excited about her company’s online discrimination and sexual harassment training modules (available in English and Spanish). “These affordable, turn-key solutions are customized for your company, yet still meet stringent EEOC guidelines,” she explained. “Our programs create an affirmative defense strategy and reduce corporate liability.”

The Lindenberger Group’s online programs contain key features to assure employees successfully complete the program, such as forced correct assessment to demonstrate 100 percent knowledge transfer. That means an employee must get every question right in order to proceed to the next module. Additionally, there is a “reportable database” so every employee’s training is documented. The programs are interactive and Web-based to assure every employee is reached. And, real-life video scenarios improve participants’ comprehension and retention.

“Our training begins where your employee handbook ends,” Lindenberger added.

The Lindenberger Group also provides a 365/24/7 reporting mechanism via a toll-free hotline. “Our hotline is staffed with trained professionals who put the employee at ease and make sure the process runs smoothly,” Lindenberger said. “Our clearly defined investigation procedures protect the employee and the company.”

Lindenberger says a benefit of online training is consistency. Another is the ability to update on-the-fly as laws or policies change. “Using the Web means we can make changes instantly,” she stated.

Working in this arena is a passion for Lindenberger, who started her growing company in 2001 to provide a higher level of expertise and service than she’d found elsewhere. Her successful work as a trainer, mentor and HR leader for the Federal government and two Fortune 500 companies brings high caliber programs and service to her clients.

The Lindenberger Group, LLC. Titusville. 609-730-1049.

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