On Saturday August 9, TerraCycle will open its factory walls to over 50 accomplished graffiti artists from all across the country. The fourth annual Graffiti Jam is organized by TerraCycle and Leon Rainbow, a Trenton-area artist whose work has been shown in Art galleries and exhibitions all over the New Jersey, Philadelphia and New York area.

TerraCycle has made a name for itself by creating a variety of affordable and environmentally responsible products that are made from waste and packaged in waste. The company has exhibited a longstanding commitment to the city of Trenton, employing many of its residents and reusing its garbage.

The purpose of the Jam is to offer urban artists a constructive outlet to express themselves, while showcasing a more positive side to urban art. Too often graffiti or aerosol art is portrayed negatively in the media. The lesser-known aspect of graffiti is professional, exhibited in art galleries, and sanctioned by cities and businesses all over the country. This is the side of urban art that TerraCycle is interested in promoting.

Dubbed the “Worm Poop Factory Graffiti Jam” (TerraCycle makes fertizer out of worm poop), the event will have artists covering every wall of TerraCycle’s factory with brand new colorful designs. There will be free painting workshops for children, musicians, and food vendors.

Graffiti Jam, Saturday, August 9, 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., TerraCycle, 121 New York Avenue, Trenton. Leon Rainbow, a Trenton-area artist, organized more than 50 accomplished graffiti artists from all across the county to decorate the factory walls. Painting workshops, food and music. TerraCycle creates a variety of environmentally responsible products made from waste. 609-393-4252. or www.terracycle.net.

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