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First R&D Profits for Liposome

After 19 years the Liposome Company reports its first

profitable year. In 1999 had $13.1 million in profits even though

one of its main products, Avacet, failed to be recommended for FDA

approval. The one Liposome product that is in the market, Abelcet,

increased sales by 17 percent and sold $86.2 million last year


most of the total revenue, $92.5 million. Abelcet combats severe



Founded with technology discovered by Gerald Weissman and funds from

such venture capitalists as Mort Collins, the biotech has 315


worldwide, about half in Princeton — 1 Research Way, 600 College

Road, and 4 Corporate Drive. It aims to develop advanced liposomal

drugs for cancer and infectious diseases.

The Liposome Company Inc. (LIPO), 1 Research Way,

Princeton Forrestal Center, Princeton 08540-6619. Charles A. Baker,

chairman and CEO. 609-452-7060; fax, 609-452-1890. Home page:

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Medarex Partners

Medarex (MEDX), 707 State Road, Princeton Gateway,

Suite 206, Princeton 08540. Donald L. Drakeman, president.


fax, 609-430-2850. Home page:

Medarex announced it would enhance a six-year partnership with two

French firms, Immuno-Designed Molecules S.A. and Immuno-Designed


Inc (IDM). Donald L. Drakeman, the president, also said his firm would

form a strategic alliance with Eos Biotechnology, a high-throughput

genomics and bioinformatics firm (

In the last quarter of 1999 the biopharmaceutical firm spent more

than $2 million in compensation expenses for restricted stock awards

that had vested. The company reported a net loss of $.53 per share

for 1999 compared to $.89 for 1998.

Medarex is a biopharmaceutical company that develops monoclonal


therapeutics to fight cancer and other life-threatening and


diseases. At its 37,999 square-foot operations laboratory in


it has seven products in clinical development for treatment of cancers

and leukemia, autoimmune diseases, and opththalmic conditions.

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Growing Pains At

Michael Cooper, former CEO of Opinion Research


has reportedly dropped his lawsuit against the company in which he

invested (Make Us an Offer Inc.) and its founders, Kathy and Michael

Morell. Cooper had been board chairman of the start-up but filed suit

in January in Delaware when he disputed an election that replaced

him on the board.

Make Us an Offer Inc. had had its first round of $750,000 seed capital

financing and hoped to raise $3 to $5 million in the next few months.

Located at 684 Whitehead Road in Lawrence, Make Us An Offer went live

in August of 1999 and now employs six people. Using the offline


process as a model, the company offers an on-line auction with a


option, using a smart-mouth, fast-talking robot auctioneer.

Make Us An Offer Inc., 684 Whitehead Road,


08648. Kathy Morell, president. 609-656-1240; fax, 609-656-1248.



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Helene Reynolds & Associates, 366 Nassau Street,

Princeton 08540. Helene Reynolds, owner. 609-921-1326; fax,


Later this month Helene Reynolds will expand her 20-year-old


consulting firm from 83 Adams Drive to 366 Nassau Street. This firm

helps families find appropriate placements from their children.


act as an advocate and information resource for parents to help them

know what would be reasonable to expect," she says. "We


good information, help set up a course of action, and strategize so

they can meet their goals."

An alumna of Hunter College, Class of 1965, Reynolds has a doctoral

degree from Washington University in St. Louis, and taught at


She is a member of the Secondary School Admission Test Board.

Her clients include one-third who ask for help in the college


process, one-third looking for day schools or boarding schools, and

the remaining third asking for advocacy services for at-risk students.

No, her firm does not fill out a student’s school college application.

Instead, her staff will mentor and review each step. "We coach

students on how to make the most out of in-person interviews, and

we help families develop a checklist of important questions to be

answered to determine the level of appropriateness for the school

under consideration." Before each school visit, a folder of


and letters of recommendation is sent ahead. "These not only


the student’s candidacy," says Reynolds, "but also inform

the person who will actually be conducting the interview. We make

sure it has been read and digested."

Says Reynolds: "We help our clients look at the educational


in a realistic way, so they can make a reasoned choice of what the

next best step is for the child, while becoming a smart consumer in

the educational marketplace."

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Staffing Online

KForce.Com, 3 Independence Way, Suite 204,


08540. Dawn Serpee, consulting business unit manager. 609-452-7277;

fax, 609-520-1742. Home page:

The computer personnel firm, Source EDP, has been bought by Romac

International, which then changed its name to to reflect

a transformation to a Web-based staffing company. Its web-based


include online resumes and job postings, interactive interviews and

job placement, and career management strategies. It has 109 offices

in 45 markets in North America.

According to a survey by Yankelovich Partners, more than half of job

seekers do not believe that current Internet career sites provide

the personal guidance that traditional staffing firms provide.

hopes to combine the efficiency of the Internet with the personal

touch of the traditional company.

Tan Check Consultants Inc., 4 Princess Road,


08648. Dennis Tanchak, president. 609-924-0444; fax, 609-924-5959.

Home page:

The information technology consulting firm has nearly doubled its

space with a move from Montgomery Commons to nearly 3,000 feet

at 4 Princess Drive in Lawrenceville. Dennis Tanchak, president,

is an alumnus of Trenton State, Class of 1972. He started his firm

in 1993 and had $4 million in sales in 1998 and $7 million last year,

both for personnel placements and consulting. Besides being closer

to where his 12 staff members live, this location is also closer to

the under-construction facility for Merrill Lynch, one of his major


Tanchak has a database of 25,000 prospects but says that does not

make his work any easier. "Our job is made more difficult because

of the amount of paper," says Tanchak. "Job seekers respond

to our web page, but we never use the Internet to recruit. If I don’t

get to a resume in a week, that resume is obsolete."

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Seber Logistics Consulting Inc., 104 Tamarack


Princeton 08540. James J. Seber CMC, president. 609-688-1000; fax,

609-688-9000. Home page:

This management consulting firm moved from 2,000 feet to a 3,000


foot office at Montgomery Knoll and has a new phone and fax. It


in supply chain analysis, customer service, and network analysis.

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Harmony Schools/Center City, 200 South Warren


Trenton 08611-2300. Lisa T. Forrester, executive director.


fax, 609-392-2267.

Harmony School closed this location. Still open are child care centers

in Princeton, Foxmoor, and Chambersburg.

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Leaving Town

e-vue, 33 Wood Avenue South, Eighth Floor, Iselin

08830. Kenneth Sun, president. 732-590-0102; fax, 732-452-9726.

A spinoff from Sarnoff has moved to Iselin. Its software technology

works with MPEG-r international standard to produce still image and

motion video files.

ProCOMP Inc., 1085 Cranbury South River Road,


David Zimmerman.

The firm, which sells components to pharmaceutical, biotech, and


companies, has moved to Manalapan. The new phone is 732-786-1500.

Software Process Innovators, 2 Andrews Lane,


Margaret A. Ramsey has moved her software firm to 103 Tower Road,

Lincoln MA 01773-4402.

Staffmark, 125 Village Boulevard, Princeton.



Staffmark, the employment agency that last year acquired Progressive

Personnel Resources, has closed its Princeton office and consolidated

at 16 Campus Drive, Edison 08837. The phone is 732-225-7900, fax is


NutRx Natural Therapies, 1705 Route 46 West,


Business Park, Ledgewood 07852. Christian LeFer, CEO. 973-426-9900;

fax, 973-426-9197. Home page:

The nutriceutical supplement company moved from 10,000 square feet

in Plainsboro to a business park near Dover in Morris County and has

a new phone and fax (U.S. 1, October 20, 1999).

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Name Changes

Aetna U.S. Health Care, One Prudential Drive,


08570-0001. Moonbae Chung, vice president and site executive.


fax, 609-708-2347.

Prudential Health Care is now a member company of Aetna, and is using

that name. A national service center is at this location.

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Robert J. Miller, 58, on February 6. He founded a highway

safety company, Directions.

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