On Wednesday, September 16, Darian Rodriguez Heyman, former head of the Craigslist Foundation will join presidential candidate and consumer advocate Ralph Nader and Keurig Coffee co-founder Dick Sweeney at Fairleigh Dickinson University’s 2009 Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Conference. The day-long conference begins at 7: 15 a.m. at the school’s Madison campus. Cost: $145. To register, call 973-443-8842.

Heyman, who turned Craigslist Foundation into an active provider of training to small non-profits, has conducted fundraising for various social causes and is now working with the U.N. Global Alliance for ICT and Development on leveraging technology to address development goals around the world.

The change he’d most like to accomplish is to salvage capitalism. “When I think about climate change, to me that’s not a problem, it’s just symptomatic of a greater problem, which is that the interests of the corporations are not aligned with the interests of the people.”

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