Dietary supplements are big business, which means businesses that trade in them need to know the latest regulations. And not just regulations by the FDA, but by the Federal Trade Commission, which recently has come down hard on companies’ claims of supplements’ benefits.

On Wednesday, November 16, Rutgers will host “Dietary Supplement Marketing: Substantiating Claims In Light of Recent FTC Action” at 8:30 a.m. at the Busch campus in Piscataway. The event, featuring Jennifer Soussa and Stuart Lee Friedel of the Davis & Gilbert advertising firm, is part of the inaugural launch of Rutgers’ Center for Dermal Research. Cost:$125. Call 732-445-2675.

The seminar is designed to be a primer on the legal aspects of making claims and methods of substantiating them, using real-life examples. It is geared toward researchers, product developers, marketers, advertisers, and in-house attorneys.

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