While having a high school diploma can provide a more lucrative paycheck than dropping out, the fact remains that someone with a college degree will, on average, earn twice as much as someone without one.

#b#Dana Egreczky#/b#, vice president of workforce development for the New Jersey Chamber of Commerce and former high school science teacher, has made a career of helping high school and college students prepare for their working lives. She will present “Creating College-Ready and Work-Ready Students” as part of a state chamber event on Wednesday, January 13, at 9 a.m. at Montclair State University. For information on this free event, visit www.njchamber.com.

“New Jersey’s longstanding history of economic success is due in large part to a well-educated workforce,” Egreczky once told a collection of high-achieving students. But there is cause for concern. According to Egreczky, 12 to 14 million jobs nationwide will go unfulfilled in the coming years because there simply will not be enough qualified workers to fill them.

Egreczky, who holds a bachelor’s in biological science and a master’s in training and organizational development, hopes to keep New Jersey away from those kinds of numbers.

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