The Executive is executing.

Executive orders fly from the desk

Of the Oval Office like expensive confetti.

Energy is important and the more the better:

Two controversial pipelines get the go ahead

And there is a meeting with auto executives

Informing them they must build cars in America.

No one mentions it produces 25% of the world’s

Air pollution from unmitigated car emissions.

Business is booming in industrial land.

This morning there was a press report

On Uber drivers sleeping in their cars

To work longer hours for lowered wages

In towns they can’t afford to live in,

While self-driving vehicles were banned

In Frisco but alright in Arizona where

Test cars hit the roads — every company

Competing for a share of the market —

Fueled by oil, gas, corn, methane, and hype.

The new executive is taking charge.

Decisions roll out like a motorcade:

The TPP is no longer on the books,

Funds for abortions abroad are out,

The nominees are all being confirmed

Like rubber duckies lined up before

Congress, eager to press forward, accept

What three branches of government won’t dispute:

One man, one pen, one CEO at work.

Hiltner has degrees in English and education and currently works in essay testing for ETS. In her spare time, she is a regular participant in November National Novel Month and enjoys writing poetry.

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