The Boos family credits their son’s academic success to the superior education he received from Princeton Latin Academy’s Princeton Science Academy.

Mark Boos was so successful, in fact, that when he enters Drew University this fall, he’ll do so with a four-year Presidential Merit Scholarship, an academic scholarship that pays half his tuition.

"Mark was at Drew this summer, one of only 10 students selected to receive a special stipend to spend four weeks on a research project," said his father, Bill Boos. "Princeton Science Academy changed his life. I can’t say enough about PSA and Headmaster Perrulli."

One key factor for the Boos family: the structured, formal format at PSA, a program they believe encourages real learning.

"PSA works so well: teachers expect the kids to learn because they are teaching them," Boos added. "There’s not a lot of homework; kids learn in the classroom."

Boos also believes the reasonable class time is conducive to learning. High school entails 9 classes a day, 45 minutes each. Students are busy all day in a structured environment. In fact, students stay in one classroom, and it’s the teachers that come and go.

"Mark was enthusiastic about the school from the minute he went there," Boos explained. "He really connected with the teachers. And because it’s kindergarten to 12th grade in one building, he got to interact with and mentor younger kids. There are no cliques; everyone eats lunch together. I was touched at graduation when the parents of younger kids told us they’d miss Mark."

Mark set his goal to be a physics major in college, applied to and was accepted to five schools: Manhattan College, St. Joseph’s University, Arcadia University, Rider University and Drew University. This is a major accomplishment for a student who had been "labeled" throughout his primary years.

"One thing you can’t overlook as a parent of a college bound kid is the support the school gave us during the college selection process," Boos said. "It was significant, including a recommendation to a local resource for completing those lengthy admissions forms."

Princeton Latin Academy and Princeton Science Academy were created to provide children with an education grounded in the classics that’s paced for each student. This model treats students as individuals, and pushes past any issues to encourage kids to work with what they have, learn to think for themselves and to achieve. Those seeking an exceptional high school education may learn more at

Princeton Latin Academy, Route 518. Hopewell. 609-924-2206.

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