There are dozens of reasons to eat locally grown foods. Eating locally supports local economies, it cuts down on transportation and fuel costs needed to haul produce around the globe, it tastes better. But our favorite reason for eating locally grown foods might just be that we want to say thank you.

Since opening elements, Scott Anderson, our owner and chef, has cultivated a long and personal relationship with farmers in the New Jersey/Pennsylvania region. And as a thank you to those farmers and food growers, elements is once again making its summer Farm-To-Fork menu from 100 percent locally grown and raised foods.

Between the Fourth of July and Labor Day elements will be offering delicious, three-course, all-locally grown meals for $39. That price point reflects our innovative, cutting-edge menus and the quality of the foods we use from our farm partners. We feature poultry and desserts from Griggstown Quail Farm; dairy and fine cheeses from Cherry Grove Farm and Valley Shepherd Creamery; grass-fed beef and lamb from Neptune Farm; organic produce from Danlynn Farms, JAH’s Creation, and E.R. & Sons Organic Farm; environmentally grown produce from Oak Grove Plantation and Terhune Orchards; and high-quality herbs and meats from Stony Brook Meadows.

This summer’s Farm-To-Fork celebration builds off our popular 2011 summer menu, which was out first foray into an all locally grown menu. And though we are offering local foods and American cuisine, Scott Anderson brings global influences for a true culinary adventure.

If you’re a foodie, you want to know where — and how — your food grew. It’s fascinating, it’s a good karma, and few things are as joyous as a fine meal shared with friends. Especially when you share a meal made of only the freshest, closest, and most ethically grown and raised ingredients.

Scott is passionate about sourcing fresh, local, organic ingredients and sustainably raised meats and seafood. He wants the very elements of your meal to play a major role in the taste of it. Then he and his team work to reveal the complementary flavor dimensions inherent in the elements by skillfully combining them — often in edgy new ways.

Come experience one of the premiere chefs of the region — one of Esquire Magazine’s top chefs of 2011, in fact — in a casual, yet innovative atmosphere.

elements restaurant, 163 Bayard Lane, Princeton. Phone: 609-924-0078 Fax: 609-924-0083.

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