Would you like to gain insight into what HR recruiters really look for when they are evaluating your qualifications? For example, did you know that HR spies may take a peek at the clutter in your car while you are in an interview? That piece of paper lying in the stairwell might have been put there on purpose. Oh … and if the recruiter says that it’s OK for you to take notes, find out why they might be confiscated at the end of the interview. Perhaps your body language is speaking in foreign tongues. At an upcoming seminar, job search expert Abby Kohut will teach:

• When wearing the color yellow can help you get an offer

• When you should and should not mention the Yankees during an interview

• Deep dark secrets about why keywords really matter and how to choose them

• Why you should avoid a swivel chair and the fishy handshake during an interview

Kohut will speak at the Professional Service Group of Princeton on Friday, April 6, from 9:45 a.m. to noon at the Princeton Public Library. For more information, visit www.psgofmercercounty.org.

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