Raising the Bar for Nonprofits

“If your organization’s fundraiser is not generating at least $50,000, it’s time to reevaluate your strategies and hire professional help,” says Deb Miller, principal of DM Events in Hillsborough. The veteran event planner has achieved high six-figure results for clients, helping non-profit organizations to create occasions that are exciting, engaging and, above all, profitable — doubling and tripling the results of previous fundraisers. Most important, she provides comprehensive services that allow an organization’s staff to concentrate on their jobs without the time-consuming distractions and stress of producing a major event.

Ms. Miller points to several challenges facing non-profits, even in a strong economy. Competition in the non-profit sector is increasing at a time when charities also face new regulatory requirements and changes in tax laws that may impact donations. A more diverse community, conscious of wellness and sustainability, demands a new approach to even food and beverage offerings. Plus, there is always the ongoing need to attract volunteers and donors. While costs of services have risen and become increasingly complex, DM Events maintains reasonable rates to help ensure clients reach their fundraising goals.

A capable, experienced event planner can help organizations meet challenges and realize a substantial return on investment. “Time is money and an experienced event fundraiser can save significant amounts of both,” Ms. Miller affirms. The planner attends meetings with the venue and event committees, negotiates with vendors, tracks expenses, deals with problems, and meets deadlines. Ms. Miller can also assist in communications promoting the event via social media and press outreach.

Before and during an event, an expert planner takes the lead, leaving development officers to do what they do best — build relationships. “Instead of worrying about details and handling problems, my clients are interacting with donors, meeting prospects, answering questions, and reinforcing the organization’s vision and message,” Ms. Miller says.

A major event requires painstaking attention to a myriad of details, such as designing a program theme, increasing participation, and finding the right vendors. “Event planners are the ultimate networkers,” Ms. Miller notes. They are adept at finding the best-in-value photographers, florists, musicians, audio visual and lighting professionals, and experienced in negotiating contracts and fees. Choosing the perfect venue and entertainment can be crucial to the success of an event — impacting attendance, sponsorships, and donations. A knowledgeable event planner can be invaluable.

“Today’s fundraising event must be an authentic, unique experience that excites and inspires donors, volunteers, and staff,” says Deb Miller. She urges organizations to “think outside the gala,” with unusual venues and buzz-worthy experiences. For example, DM Events expanded its reach to Indianapolis and Las Vegas, working with a nonprofit to provide the ultimate driving experience for guests, who took to the track in the newest sports cars.

Visit www.DMeventsUSA.com for more information about the company’s effective and exceptional services.

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