Putting the likes of a Porsche Boxster S, Dodge Viper SRT-10, Cadillac Escalade ESV, Corvette C6, Hummer H2 or Mercedes SLK350 at the fingertips of eager car enthusiasts and event-savvy corporations alike is business as usual at Exotic Car Rentals of New Jersey. “We’re hoping to add a Lamborghini Gallardo and a Mercedes S550 to our lineup this year”, said Larry Shulan, who along with his wife Legia own Exotic Car Rentals of New Jersey. “Legia and I are car enthusiasts, so we know how much fun it is to drive these cars.”

Legia and Larry clearly aren’t the only ones who enjoy a high-end ride. A good portion of Exotic Car Rentals’ business comes from other businesses. “The options are endless,” Legia explained. “Corporations rent exotic cars as premiums for employee recognition programs, to feature at special events, to impress clients, as an eye- catching advertising strategy and more.”

Exotic Car Rentals’ fleet has recently been featured in ads, trade shows and parades. The Corvette was in a Maybelline ad, the Hummer H2 carried swimsuit models touting a new cable series in a TV advertisement, the Boxster was in a recent photo shoot for a major ad company, the Corvette was rented for a Monster Cable display and was also the centerpiece for selling automobile oil products at a trade show. “And, don’t forget renting for yourself,” Larry added. “You deserve it!”

Deserving family and friends across the state routinely receive Exotic Car Rentals’ gift certificates. According to the Shulans, providing a “Cool Ride” as a gift is extremely popular for Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, anniversaries, birthdays and holiday gifts. Calls, faxes and e- mails come in daily requesting the Dodge Viper and other exotic vehicles for a day, a weekend and sometimes a full week of fun for the lucky recipient. “Women are just as interested in cars as men,” Legia noted. “We sell many gift certificates that are surprises for girlfriends, sisters, moms and wives.” The fleet is also rented out quite often for weddings. “Brides and grooms look so good driving up in an open convertible and its great for wedding pictures” Legia added. Even if you’re just attending a wedding, you really get noticed when pulling up in a head-turning car.

Many teens attend proms in style, chauffeured by mom or dad in the H2 or Escalade. “You need to be 25 or older to drive” stated Larry. “But with an adult driving, kids can make a grand entrance to the prom in our cars.”

Exotic Car Rentals of NJ also participates in its share of charity events. Gift certificates were auctioned off on Nassau Broadcasting’s radio stations to aid Hurricane Katrina victims. Also, Larry recently piloted their SLK350 with New Jersey Devil’s Ken Daneko in the Alzheimers Associations’ Polo Classic. Larry led a procession of exciting cars with corporate sponsors and celebrities such as Mrs. New Jersey and The Jersey Devil on to the field where Daneko threw out the opening ball starting the match. “Charity is important, and we’re happy to participate,” Larry said.

Exotic Car Rentals of NJ offers a range of services to its clients, including delivery and pick-up. Find out more about the cars, the company and current specials by visiting them online at www.ExoticCarRentalsNJ.com.

Exotic Car Rentals of New Jersey, Toll Free: 866-730-CARS (2277). Website: www.ExoticCarRentalsNJ.com info@ExoticCarRentalsNJ.com

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