How do you know what to believe about dieting and exercise?

Have you wanted to try “something,” but just didn’t know how to begin or where to start?

Have you already tried everything else and are you still looking for something to work?

Transform your fitness with, Evolve Personal Training’s Body Transformation System.

The Evolve Program has been extensively tested and designed to accelerate the fat burning engine of your body. Your body’s shape will dramatically evolve. You will feel great and look great. Build personal confidence and change your life forever. Evolve may be tailored to your preferences and customized to your lifestyle. The system incorporates food shopping, cooking consultation, and concierge services in addition to outstanding in home personal training.

Developed over the last 30 years, Evolve was created by master personal trainer, fitness author, and fitness bio-mechanics expert, Thomas Yannitte. Yannitte was the creator, designer, and original owner of Phrog Personal Training Studio in Princeton.

He has an advanced degree in industrial design engineering and specializes in bio-mechanics, fitness equipment design, and nutrition. His company, Yannitte Fitness Planning & Design, also designs and builds gyms and spas for the residential, commercial, and hotel industries. Since selling his own fitness studio in 2010, he has been developing his cutting-edge body transformation system, EVOLVE. This system was developed to give clients all of the tools needed for life-long fitness and to help them evolve through proper eating and exercise.

Growing up, much of what we think and believe about food and fitness is shaped by our parents and teachers. As adults, the Internet, magazines, television, radio, newspapers, and other advertising media shape much of what we think and believe about food and fitness. But are these sources trustworthy?

We all need something or someone to help us sift through so much information and misinformation to find the truth.

The Evolve Body Transformation System provides clear, realistic, proven, reliable, and results-driven answers to your health, food, and fitness needs.

The Evolve Body Transformation System guides everyday people through a safe, fun, efficient, and effective program of nutrition, inspiration, and of course exercise.

The Evolve home-based personal training package develops a trim and athletic body, healthier eating habits, and a positive, healthy, and enthusiastic mental outlook. Unlike other diet and exercise programs that quickly fade, the Evolve Body Transformation System continues a client’s development indefinitely. The program forever changes your life by redirecting personal routines and habits through ongoing life-altering information presented in a highly visual, articulate, and powerful way.

Evolve (a Yannitte Fitness Planning & Design company), will also help you plan and design your own home-based gym. Everything from selecting the right equipment to architecture and construction is included in the process.

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