ETS and Mercer County Community College have signed a three-year agreement to collaborate in the development and piloting of assessment and instructional solutions for community colleges. It is the first such agreement between ETS and a community college.

“Community colleges are playing an ever-increasing role in higher education today, with more students choosing to get a high quality and affordable start to their education at community colleges,” Mari Pearlman, ETS’s , said in a prepared statement. “ETS recognizes that this educational sector has unique challenges and needs, and we are listening to and learning from community college leaders across the nation so that we can research and develop assessment and instructional tools to respond to those needs.”

During the collaboration with Mercer County Community College ETS will create new outcomes assessments, student learning, and student engagement tools specifically designed to serve community colleges. MCCC will serve as a site at which students and faculty can pilot tests and provide feedback about new and existing products, and ETS will conduct formal research to ensure their validity, reliability and effectiveness.

“Mercer County Community College is delighted that ETS, the world’s pre-eminent educational testing organization, is expanding its focus on community colleges,” Thomas N. Wilfred, acting president of Mercer County Community College, said in a prepared statement. “As learner-centered, publicly-supported institutions, community colleges need valid, high-quality, and affordable means of helping students gauge their motivation and readiness for college, and for assessing student learning in particular courses and programs.

“This partnership between ETS and its local community college makes perfect sense for both organizations, and we hope it will be the first of many such agreements between ETS and community colleges. We recognize that our respective staffs have much to learn from each other, and we look forward to a long and mutually productive partnership.”

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