Why should you choose ESF Summer Camps for your camper? In a nutshell, they do everything possible to make their camps unique and memorable, filled with experiences that not only meet, but exceed their families’ high expectations.

ESF is a place where campers feel at home their very first year. ESF’s selection of expert staff, award-winning programs, rich traditions, excellent facilities, and intensive year-round planning allow them to achieve their goal to create the perfect summer experience for their campers year after year.

Founded in 1982 by brothers Michael and Bill Rouse, ESF has a long-standing and well-deserved reputation for excellence, and every year they strive to raise the bar even higher. They provide a safe, supportive, fun environment where new experiences can be tried and individual achievement is encouraged. Their values and goals are reflected in every aspect of their camps, and their commitment to remain true to their unique vision has afforded ESF continued and well-deserved success.

At ESF Summer Camps the Rouse brothers want your children to “Grow Up with ESF.” As camp parent Hillary Chybinski affirms, “it seems impossible that we could still be so enchanted after eight years — but still, another ROCKING summer!”

ESF provides summer camp experiences at the Lawrenceville School; offering a selection of truly unique camp experiences for boys and girls; Mini Camp, age 3, Day Camp, ages 4 to 8, Sports Camp, ages 6 to 14, Senior Camp, ages 9 to 15, and Specialty Major Camps, ages 7 to 15.

Campers looking to choose their own path would love ESF Specialty Major Camps for boys and girls ages 7 to 15. Campers can go deeper and explore their interests in areas such as technology, science, creativity & design, and the arts!

ESF has evolved since its founding and is constantly moving forward, continuing to remain at the forefront of the camp industry. Every year testimonials from campers, parents, and team members continue to reflect ESF’s positive impact on so many families: “ESF absolutely exceeded my expectations in every way. The counselors were responsible and mature but also fun, engaging, and enthusiastic. The activities were varied and kept my child’s interest and the campus and teepee village were just idyllic.” – Jennifer Bilotta.

Families can enjoy flexible enrollment with sessions available from one week to the full summer.

For more information about ESF Summer Camps, please call 609-896-0606, or visit esfcamps.com/Lawrenceville.

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