We deliver summer experiences you’ll find only at ESF Camps.

Since 1982 our all-star team of experts has raised the bar and pushed the limits of outstanding summer opportunities where campers of all ages can explore their passions and potential. With a long tradition of excellence, ESF is more than just camp. We operate the world’s best experiences that fuel optimism and happiness in our campers. With our dynamic and experienced staff, high-quality programs, time-honored traditions, and commitment to safety and fun, ESF is the place to be this summer!

Our exciting lineup of programs for 2018 includes more than 60 award-winning activities uniquely designed to encourage exploration and help campers grow. We provide the perfect blend of ingredients to inspire laughter, promote creativity and curiosity, develop leadership skills, build self-esteem and confidence, improve athletic ability, and create amazing memories that foster lasting friendships.

Our character-building curriculum is expertly designed to explore and expand our campers’ innate talents, curiosities, self-esteem, and social skills. Each of the cutting-edge programs has been created with character muscles in mind. Dr. Jim Loehr is a legendary psychologist who has written more than 30 books and has spent more than 35 years doing research on character and human development involving youth and top professional athletes. We have designed with Dr. Loehr eight Character Virtues we utilize within our programs. An ESF summer will have a lasting impact on a camper’s growth and development.

Safety, health, and well-being are our priorities, and we’ve put protocols and mandates in place to ensure every summer is a great summer. From carline and security, to handling special allergies or other needs, you can rest assured that your child is in the best of care.

We transform the pristine campus of the Lawrenceville School each summer into a wonderfully welcoming camp setting. ESF Camps at the Lawrenceville School is home to a community of children and staff that features extensive indoor and outdoor facilities and provides the perfect setting for campers of all ages to learn and grow. Campus facilities are complete with an indoor swimming pool, endless athletic fields, gymnasiums, tennis courts, multi-purpose classrooms, art studios, cafeteria, The Kirby Arts Center (theater and stage), ropes course and so much more for campers to explore, rain or shine!

Program offerings include Mini Camp (age 3), Day Camp (ages 4-8), Sports Camp (ages 6-14), Senior Camp (ages 9-15) and Specialty Major and Technology Camps (grades K-9). ESF also offers aquatic programs and multiple ways to extend your day!

ESF Summer Camps, 609-896-0606. www.esfcamps.com/lawrenceville

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