‘A couple of weeks back, one of our students’ mom was sharing the joy of receiving the admission from an Ivy League because Enspire Academy transformed her shy teenager into a truly confident leader. What can be more gratifying than the words of a proud parent?” says Priya Kartik, founder of Enspire Academy. We transform teens and adults into leaders by helping them achieve true confidence, ace public speaking skills, and emerge as a leader. “It’s the level of contentment in the smiles of my clients and parents measures my success.”

Priya Kartik is a Certified Professional Coach, a Certified Life Coach, a motivational speaker, and an expert in coaching to achieve success. An engineer and MBA by qualification, Kartik started her career in the manufacturing industry. Her love of helping youth pushed her to teach engineering, where she first discovered her flair and passion for coaching. That’s why she founded Enspire Academy, a leadership training firm, with a mission to transform individuals into leaders. Year-round programs in building confidence, time management, presentation skills, and leadership skills help bring the mission a reality.

Our six-module curriculum towards leadership, designed for teens and young adults, ensures effective transformation in an enriching environment and enjoyable format. “Our students bump up their grades, accomplish a lot more and still have a good sleep after completing our Module 4 — SMART Student course,” says Kartik.

Students collaborate with non-profit organizations to speak up for the cause at “Enfluence,” an annual event attended by esteemed guests, media and open to the public; while taking our Module 5 — Smart Speaker course.

“Internship, volunteering opportunities, FREE college/scholarship essay services, FREE resume writing services are a few perks that high school students of Enspire Academy enjoy,” adds Kartik.

A TED-style talk and a professional panel discussion by high school students will be the grand finale at our biennial public event, EnspirED after completing our Module 6 — Emerge as a Leader. “You need to watch our speakers to fathom the level of expertise our students achieve,” says Kartik.

Enfluence 2019 will be held in May, and next EnspirED will be held in 2020. RSVP at enspireacademy.com/events.

Enspire Academy also offers services for adults in group and one-on-one coaching formats to accelerate career growth. “Apart from presentation and leadership skills training, we also train for interviews, writing winning resumes and cover letters, or acing work-related meetings and conferences. Our cost-effective, customized corporate training packages will be a boon to any organization,” adds Kartik.

Courses at Enspire Academy helps develop the leader’s mindset and skills to persevere to succeed. “We guide them the right and effective way to succeed in whatever they pursue in life.”

Summer programs for teens, which run from June through mid-August, prepare students for the coming school year and beyond. To qualify for an early Summer registration discount, register before April 14, 2019. Summer classes fill up fast. For more information or to schedule a free orientation meeting, go to enspireacademy.com or call 609-937-6804.

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