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Emmy for Sarnoff

Sarnoff Corporation, CN 5300, Princeton 08543-5300.

James E. Carnes, president & CEO. 609-734-2000; fax, 609-734-2040.

Home page: http://www.sarnoff.com.

Sarnoff Corporation, the birthplace of color television, has won its

fifth Emmy from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

This one is for Compliance Bitstreams, a set of analysis tools that

helps manufacturers insure that receivers for the new digital and

high definition television (DTV/HDTV) systems will reliably deliver

pictures, sound, and information. "This is crucial if the new

DTV system is to win fast consumer acceptance," says James E.

Carnes, president and CEO. The Emmy for Outstanding Achievement in

Technological Advancement is the television industry’s highest technical


New Jersey Network announced last week that it is working with Sarnoff

and other members of its consortium to serve as a real-life television

network environment in which to test such the Compliance Bitstreams

and other HDTV-related technologies.

Carnes says this tool is now a de facto standard for testing designs,

not only for televisions, but also for DVDs and digital video-based

computer hardware and software. "This Emmy recognizes the Sarnoff

tradition of serving the television industry and the television viewer,"

says Carnes.

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Wireless Advance

Siemens Corporate Research Inc. (SCR), 755 College

Road, Princeton Forrestal Center, Princeton 08540. Thomas Grandke,

CEO. 609-734-6500; fax, 609-734-6565. Home page: http://www.scr.siemens.com.

Alex Jourjine, head of Siemens’ Adaptive Information and Signal Processing

Department, last month announced a breakthrough in technology for

wireless access to the Internet. Blind Source Separation (BSS) techniques,

says Jourjine, can separate useful signals from the cacophony mixed

together in an electronic babble. This technology could enable base

stations to serve more users and thus reduce costs of Internet and

wireless communications.

"A theoretical groundwork has been laid," says Jourjine, "and,

using realistic data, we have been able to confirm that one can separate

`blindly’ a large number of sources using only two receiving antennas."

A patent application has been filed and a commercial product could

be developed within two years.

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Bohren’s Moving and Storage, 3 Applegate Drive,

Robbinsville 08691. Ted Froehlich, president. 609-452-2200.

Last week, right on schedule, this third-generation Princeton-based

moving company made its own big move from Alexander Road to Matrix

Development’s Northeast Business Park at Exit 8A. KSS of Princeton

designed the 122,000-foot building, with 106,000 feet of warehouse.

Bohren’s was represented by Gerry Fennelly in the purchase of 11.5

acres (U.S. 1, August 12, 1998).

Bohren’s, associated with United Van Lines, had an equal amount of

acreage (10.5 acres) but just a 58,000 square-foot building at Alexander

Road. Princeton University reportedly bought the building to use for


Founded in 1924, Bohren’s owns about 100 trucks and has about 110

employees, and 90 percent of them will be closer to their homes at

the new site.

United Information Healthcare Group, 1 Palmer Square,

Suite 330, Princeton 08540. James Westbrook. 609-688-0540; fax, 609-688-0542.

Home page: http://www.mmi-research.com.

Last month this consulting firm expanded within the building from

1,225 feet on the fourth floor to 4,225 feet on the third floor. It

offers services to the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry and

is a business unit of Market Measures Inc., based in Livingston.

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Larry R. Kirk, 61, on October 3. He was a vice president

at Carter-Wallace in Cranbury.

Sally Shaginaw, 43, on October 7. She head been a technical

secretary at Princeton University.

Michael J. Durkee, 60, on October 8. He was an accountant

with Millner Kitchens.

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