A week in the Dominican Republic is part of a special month-long course offered by Fairleigh Dickinson University from September 25 to October 25.

The three-credit course for undergraduates is “Comparative Government and Politics” and for graduate credit, “Global Citizenship.” Both courses are offered by FDU’s School of Administrative Science.

Coursework is completed online through the Blackboard system. In the Dominican Republic, each day includes lectures and site visits to public and private organizations.

The graduate “Global Citizenship” course focuses on the diversity in organizations — age, ethnicity, and cultural background. Emphasis is on global leadership, communications, and diverse sub-cultures. The undergraduate “Comparative Government and Politics” course analyzes and compares contemporary political institutions and processes of selected countries. The course is designed to broaden understanding of government systems and approaches to global issues of other countries.

Full information on this get-away course, call 201-692-7171 or visit http://sas.fdu.edu.

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