Last week in this space U.S. 1 marked its 35th anniversary, a milestone made possible in large part by the dedicated readers who take the time each week to read what the paper has to offer.

When we’re doing our jobs correctly, the content we produce benefits these readers by providing them information on events, organizations, and companies in the area that might be of interest to them. But it is also our hope, in many cases, that the people and groups we write about also benefit from being highlighted in these pages.

This was the case for Princeton Learning Cooperative, which offers an educational alternative for students who struggle in a traditional school setting. In an Interchange piece in this issue, PLC co-founder Joel Hammon recalls how his fledgling school had struggled to raise awareness until it was featured on the cover of U.S. 1 in February, 2012. The school is now celebrating its 10th anniversary.

To the Editor: Traffic Mess in Princeton

Have you tried going from Princeton Junction to Princeton since Alexander Road was shut down to replace the bridges? I am surprised there has not been a huge outrage from all local residents at the total lack of planning and solutions of the political management of Princeton regarding how to navigate this major traffic mess. And of course there is never one police officer present to try and help alleviate the mess.

Last week my wife and I were almost late for a surgical procedure at our doctor on Bunn Drive when we drove from Princeton Junction. And we left one hour before the procedure. Every possible road or highway was backed up with huge traffic, no matter which way we tried and we tried numerous routes.

Something needs to be done while this bridge replacement is taking place. Princeton’s management need to start thinking beyond its horse and buggy days of single lane roads everywhere and start accommodating the population as it continues to grow in the area very much encouraged by the same politicians. Change needs to happen NOW and ACTION needs to be initiated NOW!

A concerned and frustrated resident,

Steve Clayback

Editor’s note: Regional organizations have assembled information to guide those navigating around the bridge closure.

Town of Princeton: Visit for traffic tips and detour routes.

Princeton Merchants Association: Visit for tips on how business owners can get creative to keep their customers, employees, and suppliers happy during the construction.

Princeton University: Visit for information on visiting campus during the closure.

Greater Mercer Transportation Management Association: A tip sheet can be downloaded at

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