Eddie Schwartz and I

Eddie Schwartz and I

Two seventh graders

Passing through summer

In an era when America

lost her innocence

’Nam and campus unrest

Going to the Moon

Unemployment, strikes

Stock market down, Woodstock

Talk of another Ice Age

Eddie and I were undaunted

We were not influenced

By the trials of the day

Two young bucks

looking for adventure

We fished, hiked

Drank ginger ale and birch beer

to Simon and Garfunkel’s “Cecilia”

Went to St. Veronica’s on Saturday,

then stayed up ’til one in the morning

My youth has gone to a finer place

It was spent on dollar store items

I remember its fragrance

A flavor lost to posterity

Like days spent with Eddie Schwartz

Jeff Varanyak is a scientific illustrator with NOAA/GFDL and a member of the Burlington County Poetry Society. He notes: “I recently reconnected with Eddie Schwartz after an absence of 40 years!”

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