Adrien, a resident of Millville, NJ, came to Easterseals New Jersey seeking help obtaining employment in the community. With the help of staff she learned new skills and advanced quickly through their employment training program. Eventually, her local McDonald’s restaurant was notified as to how much of a dedicated hard worker she was. They soon offered her a position on their team.

However, this was only the first step towards Adrien’s final goal. While spending time training with Easterseals, she discovered her true calling. Adrien wanted to become a skills coach so she could help others get a job, just as her job coach helped her.

We are happy to report that in September, 2016, Adrien was welcomed as an Easterseals staff member at the very site where she was trained. She is so proud of her accomplishment and so are we. She tells everyone, “I’ve found my dream job.”

Part of Adrien’s new job is to help other people with disabilities develop their job skills as part of Easterseals New Jersey’s employment services program. The program participants train as they work on projects for clients of the NJ Packaging and Fulfillment service offered by Easterseals.

These participants learn how to package and assemble varying simple and complex kits for top tier companies. By working with pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies, glass manufacturers, and more, program participants learn a wide range of skills within a variety of industries.

Adrien is there with them every step of the way, making sure the work is done properly and that the participant is learning from the experience. The work helps prepare those participants for a job out in the community while earning a paycheck in the process. This was Adrien’s experience and she wants to do her part to give back, helping others to achieve the same success.

Through programs like Easterseals NJ’s Packaging & Fulfillment, private companies have partnered with non-profits to provide employment opportunities for people with disabilities and special needs throughout New Jersey. With the support of their business, Easterseals has been able to support the employment goals of individuals like Adrien and help get them to work.

And we couldn’t be happier for her. Her hard work has paid off and she now serves as a living example of how setting goals and achieving them, with the proper support, is the clearest path to success.

For more information about the Easterseals New Jersey NJ Packaging & Fulfillment call: 856-371-5039.

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