Exercise is good for you. The problem is, if you only exercise in a gym, it’s boring. After all, how much sense does it make to get in a car and drive to a gym just so you can sit on a bike that doesn’t go anywhere?

Exercise should be fun. It should help you relieve stress. It should get you in better shape. It should help you lose weight, focus, and discover who you really are inside.

The martial arts are about far more than fighting. In fact, contrary to what you might think, the martial arts are almost never about fighting. They are about self-discipline and achievement and balance, both physically and mentally. They are about perseverance and personal strength as much as they are about self-defense.

At East Coast Academy of Martial Arts, we take a holistic approach to your fitness and self-improvement goals. Our hands-on, low-pressure approach to teaching the varied disciplines of practical self-defense arts blends our instructors’ decades of teaching experience with your goals. We help students, from child to adult, find their own path by exposing them to the breadth of arts we teach.

Our founder and chief instructor, Michele Thompson, knows every student in our school. Part friend, part disciplinarian, and part guide, she helps every student, whatever their age and whatever their goals, along their own individual paths, whether that path leads to self-defense, weight loss, self-discipline, or stress management. As each student becomes more advanced, his or her self-confidence, physical conditioning, and mental toughness grows, and we are there every step of the way.

East Coast Academy of Martial Arts offers several evening and weekend classes in a variety of martial arts disciplines. We offer Jeet Kune Do (JKD), a multi-arts style developed by Bruce Lee himself; Jun Fan Gung Fu; Muay Thai (Thai kick-boxing); Filipino Kali/Escrima; Wing Chun Gung Fu; Maphilindo Silat; Combat Submission Wrestling (CSW); and grappling arts. We also offer classes in Ashtanga yoga.

East Coast Academy of Martial Arts welcomes students of all ages and abilities. We offer children’s classes in JKD, Muay Thai, Wing Chun, and Filipino Kali to help develop coordination and motor skills, along with discipline, respect, and self esteem.

We also offer a women’s program, which is a great way to lose weight and tone muscle. We incorporate the use of fitness and martial arts equipment for an extremely well-rounded fitness program. Not only will you lose weight and tone muscle, you will also be learning an effective way to defend yourself. This is not a normal “aerobics class.” This is a program that will stimulate your metabolism as well as your mind.

Visit us online at www.ecamartialarts.com And drop by our studio in beautiful downtown Bordentown for a free lesson and see what East Coast Academy of Martial Arts can help you achieve in your life.

East Coast Martial Arts, 102 Farnsworth Avenue, Bordentown. 609-577-4345. www.ecamartialarts.com.

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