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Driving ‘Net Value: Terdeman for VANJ

Digital storage — back-up spots for all those bits

and bytes — is going to be a hot commodity in years to come, says

Robert Terdeman of EMC, based in Newton, Massachusetts. This

company recently acquired Data General and is billed as the largest

provider of enterprise storage in the world ( Terdeman

says it owns 60 percent of mainframe storage worldwide and handles

the disaster recovery strategy for such mega firms as AT&T, Lucent,

Johnson & Johnson, and

Terdeman speaks on "Driving Competitive Value in the Internet

Age" on Tuesday, June 13, at 11:30 a.m. at the Venture Association

of New Jersey at the Westin in Morristown. Cost: $45. Call


With an associate degree from a community college, Terdeman graduated

in 1965 from the State University of New York at Stony Brook


He offers seven possible ways to establish value in the Internet


between consumer (C) and business (B) applications:

1. Establish your site as a dominant information provider

in the C to B space.

2. Establish your site as second information loci in the

C to B space.

3. Establish your site as an information exchange site

in the C to C space.

4. Establish your site as a primary B to B provider.

5. Establish your site as an exchange in the B to B site.

6. Provide a niche marketing site for a highly specialized

service or product

7. Provide a derived value site from other Internet sites.

"Companies like Amazon that were initially defined as


really were time recovery experts. The finding and obtaining of


material was an incredible time consumptive activity," Terdeman


While some believed that cost of the product is what drives an


in fact, it is the establishment of an "informational node,"

by reputation, that determines the dominance of value in a particular

domain. Thus while a competitor to Amazon,, often has better

prices, Amazon, like Kleenex, has established branding in the Internet

book domain. Still, Terdeman points out that does not mean business

value cannot be derived from a "second site."

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Moving At Net Speed: TNJ Conference is the world’s largest E-business site, but

it is in the process of being changed to a third generation model,

says Gene Quaglia, regional architecture manager of Intel


He keynotes the Technology New Jersey (

conference, "E-business:

Moving@Net-Speed — the Challenge of Transforming Your Enterprise

Conference & Exposition," on Thursday, June 15, at 8:50 a.m. at

the Sheraton Newark Airport Hotel. The day also includes an exposition

and workshops, and is followed by the Internet awards dinner. Cost:

$220. Call 609-419-4444.

High performance computers, new devices, and ubiquitous Internet


enable organizations to build close relationships with clients,


and employees, anytime, anywhere, says Quaglia. He will tell how to

build scalable, reliable, and highly available sites to maximize


and customer relationships.

Among the morning workshop leaders is Phyllis Michaelides, director

and chief technologist of corporate systems of Textron Inc., who will

discuss breaking the boundaries of E-business, such as conducting

business online with a wireless handheld device. "There may, in

fact, be entities other than humans conducting E-commerce, such as

ordering parts, scheduling work, etc.," she says. She will tell

how to build an architecture that can encompass both traditional and

future dimensions.

Also John C. Scott, who is with IBM’s Business Innovation Practice,

notes that complex websites can now be put together and launched in

weeks. He will discuss how to align the web-initiative with skill

sets and recruiting and training practices to accomplish the business

transformation that has to occur — also in web-time.

Richard J. Medina will describe Doculabs’ latest empirical


evaluation results on E-commerce development solutions and service

providers. "We are currently testing 15 different E-commerce


for building, managing, and maintaining business-to-business and


sites and are currently prototyping buy-side, sell-side, and


applications supporting: product selection, ordering, and order


fulfillment and payment; customer service and support." He will

give the methodology and criteria for evaluating your organization

and candidate solutions for E-business, particularly for E-commerce.

Jeffrey S. Cutler, COO and general manager of, will

tell how to transform a web site into a business-to-business


He will describe the characteristics you should look for in potential

partners, outline distribution models, and give suggestions for making

your online storefront standout in the B-to-B market.

John P. Morency of Response Networks Inc., will predict major

changes to occur in management technology.

Michael Winton of E-Catalyst will tell how to drive successful

time-to-market. Successful time-to-market, or time-to-launch, is


when companies prioritize efforts and plan continuous improvement,

he say.

In the publishing track, Dorothea Coccoli Palsho of Dow Jones

& Company will discuss "Closing Your Digital Divide: Major Trends

in Leveraging Technologies." Robert Kane of EDS will cover

how today’s businesses are leveraging the Internet and related digital

technologies to gain advantage.

More discussion of business opportunities in the digital content


comes from Paul Bandrowski of Reciprocal, who predicts that

the digital content industry will grow to $300 billion by 2004.


is the global leader in digital rights management transaction


Afternoon workshop leaders include Sa’ad Raouf of RWD e-Solutions

Practice, Jeffrey L. Peterson of DuPont, Ron Koskinen

of AT&T Internet Services, J.R. Regan of LivePerson, James

Chambers, CEO of, Mary Jo Panuco of Commission

Junction, Adel W. Ebeid, New Jersey’s chief technology officer,

and Don Johnston of Thomas Jefferson University.

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