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Dragon Boats Race for the Cure

You may be familiar with the curved pink ribbon now associated with

races to benefit breast cancer – even some products like yogurt and

women’s razors have adopted the ubiquitous pink as their manufacturers

contribute a portion of sales to breast cancer research. But that

little pink ribbon will appear in a new setting this Saturday and

Sunday, August 21 and 22, at the third annual Breast Cancer Survivor

Dragon Boat Festival to benefit breast cancer research. The event,

which takes place in Mercer County Park, has been expanded this year

to include an Asian Festival.

Dragon Boat racing began in southern China more than 2,000 years ago.

This traditional race is based on the legend of the ancient patriot

poet Qu Yuan, a court minister, who was banished from the state for

advocating reforms. In 278 B.C. when Qu Yuan heard that his home had

been invaded, he drowned himself in the Mi Lo River. Fisherman tried

to save him and even threw rice dumplings into the water to prevent

his body from being eaten by fish. Rice dumplings are traditionally

eaten on the day of the Dragon Boat Festival.

In the United States, most Dragon Boats range between 40 and 120 feet

long with anywhere from 20 to 48 paddlers per boat. The traditional

Dragon Bboat is made of teak and can weigh close to 600 pounds. The

dragon’s head adorns the front of each vessel and the rear carries the

tail. The crew consists of paddlers sitting two abreast, a steer

person, and a drummer who sits at the head of the boat and beats out a

paddling rhythm for the crew. Depending on the competition intensity,

paddles can hit the water between 80 and 100 times a minute and finish

a quarter mile race in a little under three minutes.

The Princeton Warriors, a non-profit organization, is part of the

Central Jersey Dragon Boat Club, established in the summer of 2002.

Members are made up of men, women, and young adults age 14 and over.

At the Regatta, about 750 athletes will compete, including open men

and women’s mixed teams. Joining the Princeton Warriors this year are

the Wall Street Dragons, the Philadelphia Police, the Schuylkill

Dragons Purple; the Schuylkill Dragons Gold; Gum Fong Restaurant; and

Hope Afloat.

Chinese Dragon Boat and Asian Festival, Saturday and

Sunday, August 21 and 22, Mercer County Park, West Windsor. For more

information, call 732-355-0647 or E-mail

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Stage Auditions:

Kelsey Theater has auditions for several fall productions at Mercer

Community College.

Playful Theater Productions, "Oliver!" on Tuesday and Wednesday,

September 7 and 8, 7 to 9:30 p.m. Production opens Friday, November

19. Must be eight or older to audition. Call 609-499-1388 for


Pennington Players, "A Christmas Story," Saturday, September 18, 10

a.m.; and Sunday, September 19, noon to 4 p.m. The show opens on

Friday, December 10. Call 609-737-7529 for appointment.

Voice Auditions:

Voices Chorale auditions are Tuesday, August 24, 4:30 p.m. at Music

Together, 66 Witherspoon Street. Also Tuesday to Thursday, September

7, 8, and 9 at the same location. Call Sandy at 609-799-2211.

Princeton Pro Musica is auditioning volunteer and pair choral singers

for its season. Call 609-683-5122 to schedule an appointment.

Cantabile seeks skilled singers for the season and for travel to

Sweden in summer, 2005. Call732-560-7132, ext. 2 for information.


Superior Court of New Jersey seeks citizen volunteers for its Child

Placement Review Boards. All volunteers must complete training

program. Call Paul Andrews at 609-571-4027 for information.


Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation announced that the "Live Music for Dance

Program" will be open to New Jersey’s dance community for the first

time in 2005. The program helps dance companies meet the expense of

musicians’ rehearsal and performance fees, composer commissioning

fees, and copying costs. Application deadline is Friday, October 1.

Guidelines and application procedures are at

Jacobs Music Company is leading an international "Peace Piano event to

promote world peace and help needy children in other nations through

music. The piano will circulate during the month of October in New

Jersey and Philadelphia area. Talented child pianists will have the

opportunity to perform on the piano onstage during a "Play for Peace."

To participate in the perfom-a-thon, call Mark Love at 215-568-0021 or


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