Facial cosmetic surgery is more to Dr. Nicole Schrader than “fixing” any one concern: She views beauty as the sum of each part that makes up the whole. And that’s what she considers when meeting with patients.

The winter, when people tend to be outside and in the sun less, is an ideal time for many rejuvenation techniques.

“When we look at the big picture, a lot of beauty and feeling better about ourselves comes down to taking care of issues on the face,” said Dr. Schrader. “Many of our non-surgical procedures and laser treatments are perfect for this time of year. By the time spring and summer are here, patients will enjoy the full effects of MicroLaser Peels, Photo Rejuvenation, Laser Treatment for Wrinkles, Chemical Peels, BOTOX®, Restylane® and other treatments.”

Dr. Schrader is a big believer in taking care of the skin before and after treatments. She recommends cleansers, creams, microdermabrasion, and other resurfacing prior to treatment, as well as hydrating healing care after.

“Proper skin care prepares and then maintains the skin and is an important part of any treatment,” she added. “Handling issues in the winter makes it easier to stay out of the sun and to boost the effects of these procedures.”

Many of the non-surgical and laser procedures are done in her Medispa in Robbinsville. As the name suggests, it’s a spa-like environment that combines a bit of pampering with each procedure.

Dr. Schrader did her residency in otolaryngology and head and neck surgery at Temple University in Philadelphia. She completed her fellowship in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in New Brunswick and has been in private practice for five years.

Her deep experience in this area means Dr. Schrader can offer the full range of treatments, including Facelifts, Necklifts, Forehead Lifts, Mini-Facelifts, Eyelid Lifts, Rhinoplasty (nose reconstruction), and Fat Transfer. These surgical procedures can be stand-alone, or go hand-in-hand with her non-surgical and laser offerings.

Dr. Schrader is also proud of her commitment to assisting those with facial deformities that stem from heredity or resulted from accidents. She has treated many children with malformations and relishes how it changes their lives.

“I always loved surgery, and I wanted to something that would complement my own interest in beauty. I was drawn to cosmetic surgery because I’m very creative. And it’s very fulfilling to help not only women and men achieve their beauty goals, but to help children feel better about themselves by correcting malformations.”

Learn more at www.princetonface.com, or by calling the office at 609-279-0009.

Nicole Schrader, M.D., FACS. Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, 214 North Harrison Street, Princeton, 609-279-0009. princetonfacialplastic@gmail.com.

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