by Helen Fieldstein

Dr. Kanevsky has given me his permission to share with the public some of his replies to the questions I asked at one of my sessions with him so that I could share his unique knowledge.

HF: Why do so many people suffer from headaches and nothing seems to help, so that they suffer sometimes for a lifetime, unable to start or complete any of their projects?

AK: Treating a headache is simple if one knows the cause; yet great majority of people all over the world bear the burden of headaches due to strikingly multifactorial, undetermined, unrecognized, or misdiagnosed causes. Therefore, to name a universal remedy would be unjustified because you must treat the particular cause of a patient’s headache.

HF: What are the possible causes of a headache?

AK: The possible causes of headache include an invasion of the body by exogenous pathogenic factors like wind, dampness, or cold; the disproportionate rise of the so-called “liver wind”; the stagnation of either internal cold or heat in the middle warmer; the obstruction of themeridians; the misbalance between the five solid organs; disproportionate heat rising through either stomach or gallbladder channels; the excessive accumulation of phlegm; and many more. Possible herbal remedies include Radix Angelicae Dahurica, which prevents the rising of heat through the stomach meridian and dissipates the exogenous wind from the upper warmer; Rhizoma Zingiberis, which dispels cold, wind, and dampness from the middle jiao, between the stomach and spleen, and warms up meridians; and Radix Glycyrrhizae, which harmonizes the energies and blood of internal organs. Among exercises, Qi Gong and Wu Shu are the best for relieving headaches. Mu Su is the best form of meditation, and acupressure, massage, acutapping, moxibustion, wringing, manual reconstruction of spinal column, and medical cupping are the best body work remedies.

HF: What is "acutapping"? I am wondering how it works.

AK: Acutapping is the name I created for the technique allowing instant stimulation of the skin portions of meridians to dredge collaterals and open and reinforce every important body channel within 30 to 45 minutes of application.

I was certain I had invented the modality until I discovered that something similar is done in Korea and less so in China, though in a fashion that is sporadic, chaotic, illogical, and not systematized. The sequence of “channel opening” I created is based on the transfer pathways of vital essence and blood through the body that brings forth the healing of most the complicated conditions.

HF: I have recently read your article on the liver, which intrigued me immensely. In that article, however, you did not tell your readers where you picked up your rare knowledge.

AK: Initially, from assiduous studies of Ancient Chinese Medicine manuscripts, to which I have given the edge of Western science through my own experience of treating patients with liver diseases for the past 26 years.

Alexander Kanevsky MD specializes in Natural Integrative medicine, Traditional Chinese, Ayurvedic, Tibetan, and Western medicine, psychiatry, and psychoanalysis. To find out more about Dr. Kanevsky and his practice please visit or call 609-613-0225.

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