Dare we say the Witch is back?

On Saturday October 29, at 6 p.m. join Dr. Jeanette Wolfe, owner of Planet Apothecary, and Jim Weaver, owner of Tre Piani in Princeton’s Forrestal Village, for the first annual Witches and Warlocks Ball.

The night will include dancing to live tunes and reverberations of Kindred Spirit.

Also, a special demonstration and interactive experience on the gifts of fermented foods and spirits and some slow food/locavore delicacies co-created by our hosts of the hour.

Not only will you enjoy delicious autumn-themed foods, you’ll learn that it’s easy to implement fermented foods into your daily diet. In order to truly benefit from them long-term, it’s ideal to eat fermented foods (or drink fermented drinks) regularly. Digestive health is a foundation of overall health and Dr. Wolfe invariably recommends probiotics and fermented foods to her clients. After implementing them, her clients often experience better digestion, diminished gas and bloating, and improved immunity.

There are practical benefits of fermented foods in addition to their wonderful health benefits. Making fermented foods and drinks is inexpensive and easy to do. It adds lots of flavor to usually bland foods, making for tastier snacks and meals. Join your hosts for these delicious treats and convenient tricks to take home with you for the season. Learn how to cook Dr. Jeanette Wolfe’s concoctions!

Let’s be very clear, Dr. Jeanette Wolfe is not officially a witch, although, humans do seek her out for tinctures, herbs, and queries on right timing. In the fall of 2009, Dr. Jeanette Wolfe’s quantum wellness center, Planet Apothecary, landed in Princeton diagonally across from our beloved restaurant Tre Piani, where Jim Weaver has practiced his creative Gastro Alchemy for 18 years.

It’s been a while since Jeanette and Jim have combined their knowledge and skills for some gastro alchemy fun and they are pleased to announce a rare cosmic convergence of their magic and alchemy.

Expect just an extra touch of Magic at two hours before midnight as we come together to celebrate Jeanette’s birthday. Jeanette arrived on the planet just as All Hallow’s Eve faded into All Saints Day.

For those of you who know and love her, you can chuckle at the knowing that she is indeed a fine blend of nice with spice!

Jeanette requests only the present of your presence as she supports the continued flourishing and fundraising for Tre Piani and Common Unity!

Costumes are encouraged. $55 per person. Soft drinks and coffee included; cash bar. We are working to secure a block of rooms at The Westin Hotel at a discounted rate. Check event site for details. http://autumnalchemyball.eventbrite.com

Tre Piani, 120 Rockingham Row, Princeton Forrestal Village. 609-452-1515. www.trepiani.com.

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