Dr. Daniel K. Jass (pronounced Jhas) didn’t dream of becoming a doctor as a young child; he had plans to become a scientist or psychologist. After he received his undergraduate degree in psychology from Rutgers College, he biked across the U.S. as an American Youth Hostel leader- guiding 14 young cyclists from New York City to the coast of Oregon — imagine — without cell phones and no auto backup. After the trip, the curious young adult ended up in the field of nutrition and clinical research. He was intrigued, specifically by the relationship between nutrition and optimum health. However, after his PhD work at Rutgers, he decided that nutrition was only part of the picture.

“Our bodies were not designed for the stress levels of our current world,” explains Dr. Jass. “Stress must be managed for a healthy body and mind and not everyone knows just how to do so. Nutrition is just a part of the process.”

This curiosity led the future physician to study environmental pollution and other aspects of health. “Nutrition is very important to our well-beings, but getting enough sleep, exercise, and doing what you love are just as important,” advises Dr. Jass. Family medicine was a natural choice for someone with such diverse health interests. Daniel graduated from the University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey as a medical doctor and is a fellow of the American Academy of Family Practice.

By adding a holistic realm to his medical practice, Dr. Jass helps keep his patients well by educating them on the benefits of sleep, mindfulness, nutrition and illness prevention. With his natural ability to teach and his desire to make a difference, Dr. Jass has built a reputation as a well-respected family physician and consultant for patients with difficult-to-treat health conditions. And the scientist in him is still evident. He currently creates pilot studies on nutrition and is investigating breakfast foods and their resulting blood sugar levels.

Today Dr. Jass is an attending physician at the University Medical Center at Princeton and is a trustee of the physician organization of UMCP. From his Ewing office he provides family medicine, nutritional counseling, and prevention and wellness care. He sees patients of all ages, newborn to seniors, and has a nurse practitioner on staff to provide ob/gyn care.

“Patients come to me for many reasons — because they need a family doctor and were referred to me and because another physician has not been able to help and they are looking for a holistic diagnostic and alternative approach to wellness,” Jass explains.

Dr. Jass is bilingual: he is fluent in French and knows written Spanish.

Dr. Daniel K. Jass, 1330 Parkway Avenue, Suite 5, Ewing. 609-538-1212.

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