Those looking for a comprehensive, caring, and natural approach to family, nutritional, and preventative medicine should seek treatment with Daniel K. Jass, M.D., F.A.A.F.P. Open since 1998, Dr. Jass’ office is easily located at 1330 Parkway Avenue in Ewing.

“I thoroughly enjoy practicing in Ewing,” Dr. Jass said. “It is an extremely rich and rewarding experience to work with such a diverse group of patients.”

From the first point of contact, Dr. Jass exudes positive energy and genuine warmth, instantly making one feel at ease. By limiting patients to only two per hour, coupled with his quality bedside manner, Dr. Jass is able to provide exceptional care to patients of all ages and tailor treatments to meet each individual’s specific needs.

With a background in academic medicine and PhD work in nutrition prior to medical school, Dr. Jass offers a strong emphasis on elements of medical practice uncommon to most family practitioners.

“When patients come in with an issue, we talk about many different aspects of that issue,” Dr. Jass said. “We focus on areas of health like diet and sleep patterns. When taking blood, we check vitamin and mineral levels. Having a holistic approach to health helps me better understand how to address the root of the issue.”

Often times Dr. Jass will receive referrals from colleagues who guide their patients towards his natural approach. Patients who suffer from fibromyalgia, chronic pain, sleep disorders, and other difficult-to-treat conditions frequently turn to him for help. His patients remain quite faithful, and he sees generations of families come through his doors.

“In fact, some patients who move to different states return on a semi-annual basis for treatment because I am able to offer them help they can’t find elsewhere,” Dr. Jass said.

In addition to seeing patients on a regular basis, Dr. Jass is focused on exciting formal research taking place in his office.

“We have been observing how blood sugar responds to diet. We are examining the precise ways that people should eat to prevent the onset of high cholesterol, weight gain, and diabetes.”

Dr. Jass is looking for new participants in the spring who are interested in this research and in learning more about how their bodies and blood sugar levels respond to a variety of diets. At this time, the research study does not apply to those who have been diagnosed with diabetes.

Continuing education is also an important aspect of Dr. Jass’ routine. In order to remain a Fellow of the American Academy of Family Practice (F.A.A.F.P.), he is responsible for an additional 50 hours a year of supplemental training. Additionally, he is required to pass an exam every six to seven years similar to licensing examination that all medical doctors must take before being permitted to practice medicine.

“Being a medical professional is a continuous process of learning and re-learning,” Dr. Jass said. “I want to understand how humans are best designed to live and apply that to my patients. I want to find the best compromise between what is ideal and what is practical for each individual patient.”

Daniel K. Jass, M.D., F.A.A.F.P., 1330 Parkway Avenue, Ewing. 609-538-1212 or

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