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Treating patients “the old-fashioned way” is one of Dr. Brian Civinski’s core philosophies. Listening, understanding and giving patients the time they deserve enables him to provide truly personalized care.

“I enjoy spending time with my patients — and, they appreciate it,” said Dr. Civinski, owner of Civinski Chiropractic Center. “We discuss what’s going on with them, find out what’s wrong and put a treatment plan in place to get them better.”

This style is particularly appealing to new patients, senior citizens, Medicare patients and those with chronic pain.

Dr. Civinski treats a wide variety of patients who may be suffering from herniated discs, degenerative diseases, osteoarthritis and scoliosis. When he approaches a patient, he does so from a whole-body perspective, applying the theories of holistic health with chiropractic wellness techniques.

“I’ll be the first to send a patient for surgery if it’s needed,” said Dr. Civinski. “But I’ve found many patients can find relief from chronic pain at Civinski Chiropractic Center.”

Chiropractic focuses on whole-body wellness. It’s a foundation for maintaining good health for a lifetime, so it’s no surprise that it often starts with the feet. Dr. Civinski’s comprehensive evaluation includes a foot analysis, which frequently sheds light on why patients are suffering with chronic pain.

“The structure of your feet impacts how your back reacts,” he explained. “If your feet aren’t right, your pain may not subside because your knees, legs, hips and back are compensating for something like flat feet.”

In some cases, patients with problem arches simply can’t hold valuable chiropractic adjustments. Doing a digital foot scan and a weight-bearing analysis creates a computerized image, allowing Dr. Civinski to evaluate any issues and recommend orthotics. In fact, patients can order Foot Levelers right at his office.

Once proper balance is restored, Dr. Civinski can go to work to encourage whole-body balance by adjusting the spine for optimal performance.

“The biomechanics of the spine are critical to good health,” added Dr. Civinski. “A trained chiropractic physician can examine and determine what may be out of place. The spine is our physical center, and any imbalance may cause unwanted stress to other tissues, muscles, ligaments, tendons and nerves.”

He laments chiropractic still is not well understood, perhaps because its philosophy is so different from “conventional” medicine. He’s on a mission to educate the public about chiropractic’s benefits, even when there are no symptoms present.

“The sooner the diagnosis, the better chance the patient has for less damage. I firmly believe that the spine should be evaluated in the early years to prevent later damage. That’s why I love treating children — I can see how chiropractic can relieve these hidden problems so they won’t affect them later in life.”

Civinski Chiropractic Center is open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m., and Saturday from 8 a.m. to noon. While walk-ins are accepted, Dr. Civinski recommends calling ahead for an appointment.

Civinski Chiropractic Center. 3105 Nottingham Way, Hamilton. 609-631-7200. Fax: 609-631-9363.

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