Dr. August Leming, a self-proclaimed “Spiritual Waste Management Specialist,” operates a number of health and sport performance facilities in the Princeton area. An author, educator, and internationally recognized motivational speaker, Dr. Leming considers physical movement the single greatest modality in the treatment of a failing, misguided, or simply less than joyful human experience.

Dr. Leming and his team of Corrective Exercise Specialists, Strength and Conditioning Coaches, and Personal Trainers represent the next generation of intelligent exercise. According to B Whalley, the Director of Athletics, “Exercise that is not specific to the client’s biomechanical needs, mental landscape, performance goals, and personal history is nothing more than work.” Coach Whalley continues, “And there aren’t many folks out there who consider ‘work’ to be a health inducing activity.”

According to Dr. Leming, if the physical movements performed during “exercise” are not directed at the right angle, for the right duration, right intensity, and right frequency, then they represent nothing more than a derogatory stress. This stress might make a person “feel” good but it certainly is not improving their biomechanical capacity and moreover, it’s likely doing harm to their connective tissue. “Exercise is stress,” says Dr. Leming, “but it’s stress that results in a positive change in our body’s capacity or functioning. But only if the stress is finely tuned to the individual’s body and needs.”

The Exercise with a Purpose team goes still further in its attempt to empower people through an introduction to biomechanically informed movement. “We meet people where they are, and we walk with them towards their goal of being a better golfer, soccer player, grandfather, or mom,” says Coach Brian Glotfelty, Vice President of Operations.

“We use Dr. Leming’s book, ‘The Psychology of Coaching’ as a guide to improve our clients’ awareness of where they are, what they’re doing, and how they can continue to move forward through what often is a very difficult life, inside and outside of the gym,” says Coach Glotfelty. Dr. Leming’s approach to exercise and the behavior modification necessary to get most people doing it emphasizes mindfulness. The Power of Attention is a workshop that Dr. Leming has introduced to athletes at Princeton University, the University of Virginia, Williams College, and Temple University, and he is traveling to Qatar in September to work with the Qatargas company. There he will will work with the world’s leading producer of natural gas in its efforts to enhance the motivation of its entire marketing team.

“When asked what I do, I simply reply, change lives. I just happen to do it with exercise,” says Dr. Leming. A member of the Millhill Foundation Board of Directors, Dr. Leming can often be heard telling clients that the purpose of life is doing good. When asked the meaning of life, he simply replies, “This moment.”

“To put it together in life is simply to be present and do good where you are when you are there.” It seems to be working as the Exercise with a Purpose team has grown to more than 20 of the nation’s most well educated and highly developed movement coaches who work from boarding schools, country clubs, and athletic facilities throughout central New Jersey.

To contact the team, call them at 609-309-7048.

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