Doughmain Financial Literacy Foundation, 189 Wall Street, Suite 1, Princeton 08540. 609-356-0813. Robert M. Church, executive director.

DoughMain Financial Literacy Foundation, a nonprofit that supports financial literacy for students, has partnered with Finnovate, a Canada-based financial literacy learning technology company, to create a one-year pilot of the FitKit High School Youth Financial Literacy Program to be delivered on Finnovate’s interactive learning management platform.

Although 37 states have included financial literacy education in K-12 standards, only 17 require a high school course to be taken, and less than 10 have standardized testing to measure students’ knowledge, according to the Council for Economic Education.

Though financial literacy standards include personal finance, DoughMain says few schools actually focus on building skills related to personal finance. The FitKit uses video, animation, humor, social collaboration, and gaming. Unit topics include income and careers, pay, benefits and deductions, taxes, budgeting, banking, savings and investments, credit, insurance, and more.

“We are truly excited about this opportunity and appreciate the support of We spent the last year exploring high technology learning management systems across the U.S. and Canada, working with educators, school systems, consultants and experts in the field to identify the greatest attributes of a high-quality learning management system,” said Robert M. Church, executive director of DoughMain.

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