Dorothea wakes — her humble day

Belies the aspirations of the night,

And all her childhood dreams are eaten away

In daily duty’s harsh, pragmatic light.

Dreams of glory — mankind’s betterment —

Fall prey to cooking, cleaning, children’s sports,

And bosses’ urgings: checks that must be sent,

And printouts filed as bottom-line reports.

Yet every day this all too human wife

Confronts her world with courage pure and plain,

And taking on a Wonder Woman’s life

Fulfills her charge, however great the pain.

For every goal deferred, each dream undone,

An act of love is spurred and battle won.

Cheiten is a Princeton-based writer of short stories, poems, and plays. His play“Queen Jane” was staged last summer at Murray Theater on the Princeton University campus. He is the co-author of a short story that appears in this issue.

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