I won’t sell you a house that’s not right for you. I’m not a salesperson, I’m a consultant,” says realtor Donna Reilly. “I help my clients by giving them information and advice, not a sales pitch,” she adds. Reilly has been an agent with Weichert Realtors for the past 10 years. Her philosophy makes all the difference to her clients.

With years of experience in the West Windsor-area market, Reilly uses her skills to help you — whether you’re selling a house or buying one. She sets her standards high, and she gets results.

“I understand how technology has changed real estate,” Reilly says. “There’s no shortage of information now.” The challenge isn’t getting information. It is how to understand it and what to do with it: Which information is relevant. Which is accurate. What it means. Why it’s valuable. And how it can help you sell and buy houses in a market that seems more confusing than ever.

Reilly knows information is valuable only when it’s relevant to the people involved and the transaction at hand. In other words, she knows its value is determined by its value to you. That’s why she educates you: so you can make informed decisions every step of the way, whether you’re buying a new home or selling your current one.

There’s more to real estate than the real estate.

Reilly’s skills serve both sellers and buyers, and the most important of all is knowing the market. She knows when every new house hits the market — and which of her clients want to know about it. And she knows how to price and prepare a house for today’s buyers. “I understand the realities of the market,” she says. “I understand the psychology of the market. And I understand how to market.” All three can determine the difference between selling your house and having it linger on the market, between moving into your new home and losing the one you want.

She starts by listening and senses instinctively when her clients have found the right house. “I love seeing that look on their face,” she says. “It’s a look that says ‘I’m home.’”

Reilly helps sellers understand that buyers are attracted to location and presentation — and she knows how to close the deal.

“I love putting deals together,” she says. “But you have to be able to cultivate and preserve relationships, too. Everybody’s got to feel like they got a fair deal. In the end, that’s my job.”

Whether you’re a seller or a buyer, Donna tailors the experience to satisfy your goals — and works with the same commitment regardless of the value of the house you’re selling or the one you’re looking for. Above all, she wants you to feel secure during the process and comfortable afterward.

Donna Reilly, Weichert Realtors. Cell: 609-462-3737. www.donnareilly.com. www.West-Windsor-Homes-NJ.com. See ad, page 19.

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