A good sign the long-awaited recovery is happening: businesses are spending again on marketing and related collateral, necessitating Document Depot’s move to a bigger space right around the corner.

Document Depot’s new home is 101 Main St. in the bustling Princeton Forrestal Village. It will provide room for the company’s growing staff, which means even better customer service.

"We’re very busy," said owner Ed Keenan. "We’ve added staff, and sales are up a good 30 to 40 percent over last year. Businesses have decided the worst is over and are investing in marketing once again."

Keenan dubs Document Depot as a "street level business." He says he sees the signs of recovery earlier than most because of increased spending on business cards, brochures, mailers, posters and trade show items.

"One of the reasons people come to Document Depot is our digital printing expertise," he added. "We’ve been primarily printing digitally for 13 years, offering our customers short-run printing at a lower price point than they’d get with offset. The quality is great, thanks to our sophisticated equipment."

Keenan says the high-quality work coming off digital equipment rivals offset printing. The bonus is Document Depot can produce impressive pieces in the exact quantities the customer needs in a very short timeframe at a competitive price.

"The finishing equipment also makes quite a difference," he noted. "We’ve been doing a lot of spiral-bound books lately, from textbooks to yearbooks, directories to offering statements, and full-color, multi-page presentation work."

Document Depot’s versatile equipment enables the company to produce virtually anything digitally, from business cards to mounted posters, while saving the customer time and money. It’s a win-win.

Another thing that sets Document Depot apart from others is its commitment to helping customers maintain their corporate identities. Helping advance the brand is key to Document Depot and its dedicated graphic arts staff.

"What sets us apart from national or online ‘competitors’ is our service," Keenan added. "And yet, we can print low quantities of full color business cards at amazing prices. Plus, we don’t penalize you by imprinting our logo on your cards."

Document Depot is a leading digital printing, design and document processing firm with more than 13 years of experience in processing, printing and designing digital graphics and short-run printing projects for leading organizations. Its success is based on its ability to listen and respond to the needs of its customers with a combination of personalized service, teamwork and advanced technology. Document Depot offers the latest equipment and software, expertise, and commitment to customer service that differentiates Document Depot from the competition.

For more information visit us on the web at www.documentdepot.net, call 609-520-0094 or email ed@documentdepot.net.

Document Depot. 101 Main Street, Princeton. 609-520-0094. www.documentdepot.net Ed@documentdepot.net

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