Jane Lauterbeck.

The path to success in a fast-moving, highly competitive, technology-driven business is a purpose-driven brand strategy, says consultant Jane Lauterbeck. It has multiple benefits: it differentiates from competition, unifies the team, drives better hiring, motivates purchase, and generates incremental revenue. Learn how to find your purpose and to put it to work. Lauterbeck, founder of the Purposeworks, will lead a workshop on Thursday, October 10, from 6 to 8:30 p.m. at Tigerlabs. Tickets are $5. For more information, visit startupgrind.com.

The Purposeworks is a consultancy focused on social change and “redefining the way we live and work.” The consultancy collaborates with leaders and organizations to engage people and purpose as the engine for progressive growth.

Lauterback is the founder, executive business development officer, and a leadership coach at the Purposeworks.

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