It’s 10 p.m. Do you know where your archives are? For a while this week that was the working title of our cover story on DocuSafe, the secure storage facility in Robbinsville. As Barbara Fox notes in her story, which begins on page 34, law firms, insurance companies, and accounting firms all have lots of precious records that they need to keep safe and sound.

So do we in the newspaper business. In our case, however, we face an interesting twist on the challenge. In our case, not only do we want to keep our quarter century of editorial content safe and sound, we also want to make it available to as many readers as possible.

Prior to the digital age, the principal means of archiving newspapers was to create bound volumes of back issues, and then hope that they wouldn’t flake into ancient history when someone opened them. Here at U.S. 1 we also keep loose copies of back issues to make accessing them easier.

The Internet age is making the archive challenge more manageable. At you can search our archives four ways: by issue date, by story type (arts, survival guide, etc.), author’s name, and keyword — dating back to as early as 1998. Those searches return plain text versions of the original story, along with an opportunity for you to post a comment. In addition, you can access PDF versions of our back issues — photos, ads, headlines, and all — dating back to February 4 of this year.

If you can’t find what you are looking for, send an E-mail to and write “U.S. 1 archive search” in the subject line. We want to safeguard but also share our archives.

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