What Princeton Borough home was moved from University Place to Cleveland Lane In order to provide a better view of Blair Arch?

(The answer can be found on page 12 in our real estate advertisement.)

Asking the right questions and providing the best answers is what we do for our real estate clients.

In our ever changing economy, there can be vast, short term market fluctuations, making it difficult for buyers or sellers to accurately establish a realistic value for their property.

Pricing trends, local market conditions, the national economy and overall business environment all play a role in determining value.

By analyzing alternative properties, pending, very recent, expired, and failed contract sales, we work together to establish the best strategy for your sales position and situation.

Marketing property requires an expert with discretion, a myriad of contacts, and extensive experience in your real estate community.

Susan Gordon and Ingela Kostenbader are your best choice. Come to us with all of your questions. We want to help with the answers.

Susan Gordon and Ingela Kostenbader, Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage. 10 Nassau Street, Princeton. 609-921-1411. www.cbmoves.com

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