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This article was prepared for the May 7, 2003 edition of U.S. 1 Newspaper. All rights reserved.

Do You Have the Worst Commute?

Where are your five worst traffic nightmares in New

Jersey? How often does your daily commute stress you out? What steps

do you take to make your commute more tolerable?

These and other questions are posed to motorists in a new online survey

by the Department of Transportation (DOT) and the New Jersey Institute

of Technology (NJIT) to gather New Jersey-specific perceptions of

what constitutes congestion and where the worst traffic can be found.

Motorists are asked to share their experiences driving to work, to

shopping malls, and to the shore.

Motorists can take the survey by logging on at

The survey asks motorists how far they commute, how long the drive

takes, and what factors they take into account in planning their route,

including minimizing time, distance, or cost, or avoiding stop lights

or freeways. The survey asks motorists to list up to five locations

in New Jersey where they consistently encounter congestion and at

what time of day.

Participants are then asked to view six videos of traffic congestion

at signalized intersections and on freeways, and offer perceptions

of how congested each area was.

Results of the survey are to used to set state priorities for funding

for congestion relief projects and to provide data to use in the fight

against sprawl.

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