over the dregs of lunch

in the hypocrite’s cafe

she purred of course

you have heard about the suicide

she dealt the details slowly:

Fine Hall

House Party Weekend


Class of ’80

someone I know knew her . . .

oh, a girl . . .


I wondered she did not

decry her clothes

later, journalists took care

of that — blue shirt/beige skirt

I wondered they could tell

with all the blood

and did you know

she left a note

police will not disclose

her murmurs eddied

til I felt a solitary jumper

loose in space/no foothold

and no second chance

Edelmann was the first member of the community accepted into Princeton University’s Creative Writing Program in the 1970s. An ardent preservationist, Carolyn serves as arts & education associate at D&R Greenway Land Trust. She also creates events and writes press releases for creative people in our region.

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