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Directories for Jobhunters

Not a week goes by that we don’t get a couple of calls

asking for an equivalent directory to the U.S. 1 Business Directory

for Central New Jersey. Don’t you publish one for north Jersey, these

callers implore? What about for Delaware? Our standard answer is to

call the reference librarian of the biggest library in the area you

wish to cover. The librarians are in the business of recommending

books, and we are not.

We do, nevertheless, have information on some of the other business

directories available. Other than our U.S. 1 Business Directory (no

false modesty here!) the most useful and interesting directories for

this state are being published by Don Linky of Joshua


at the Carnegie Center. Linky provides the "good stuff" that

you really need to know if you are making a sales call or applying

for a job at one of New Jersey’s larger companies. Linky identifies

the leaders and their public and private roles, including the insider

networks and family relationships.

The New Jersey Directory — the Insider Guide to New Jersey

Leaders, costs $86 plus shipping and tax or $129 on a CD-ROM. It is

also available online (

The most often requested list among jobseekers is the list of New

Jersey’s largest employers, and Linky has it online for free, complete

with all the inside scoop. Unfortunately, it’s not in a database,

but in a clunky, word-processing version, divided into five


sections. Linky also has very useful online breakouts of women


minority leaders, the governor’s cabinet and staff, and law firms.

As for the The Insider Guide to New Jersey Movers and Shakers,

the new version due in April lists over 1,000 of the state’s top


education, and industry leaders. It will cost $59 in hard copy, $99

on disk. The Insider Guide to New Jersey Healthcare, with


nursing homes, and other health care services and facilities for


from consumers to industry suppliers, costs $49 and $89 on a CD. For

a copy of any Linky book, call 609-452-7799; fax 609-452-2803. The

mailing address is: Joshua Communications, Box 7183, Princeton


E-mail: Home page:

The U.S. 1 Business Directory , available at bookstores,

is particularly pertinent for the greater Princeton area because it

includes more than 5,400 company listings from all the area codes,

including contact names, fax numbers, number of employees, E-mail

and URL addresses, and revenues where available. It’s particularly

useful for jobhunters, sales reps, and small business owners. The

2001 edition will be available on Wednesday, March 21, and will sell

for $16.95, including postage. Send check payable to U.S. 1 Directory,

12 Roszel Road, Princeton 08540. Or stop by the office and pick it

up in person for $12.95.

Other U.S. 1 directories include the Health and Fitness Directory

and the Retail Shopping Directory. Also check business news and


of business meetings for networking information in the paper’s weekly

editions. At the U.S. 1 home page:

you can create your own customized directories sorted by business

types. Online information is, nevertheless, limited to the basics

— street address, phone, and fax. For details such as


contact names, and company size, you will need a hard copy of the


The Dalton Philadelphia Metro Business Directory could

be the answer to marketing to South Jersey. In New Jersey it covers

Burlington, Camden, Gloucester, Mercer, and Salem counties, and it

also has the metro Philadelphia area and part of Delaware with at

total of 13,600 companies in all. Locally produced, it has reliable

data and lots of contact names. The book costs $159 and the CD-ROM

is $289. You receive a 10 percent discount if you purchase both. You

can also purchase a CD that lists 7000 companies with over 20


for $200. E-mail: or call 800-221-1050 of


Another intriguing but lesser known reference is the


Reference Guide: New Jersey by Eatontown-based Network

Inc. (formerly National Resource Directories). It presents names of

key officials, real estate values, income profiles, school system

budgets, demographic break-outs, housing data, library data, summaries

of leading occupations and industries, average work commute times,

municipal population and expenditure trends and breakdowns, and tons

of other stuff for every municipality in the state, one to a page.

It’s all available elsewhere, but this is packaged in a neat, parallel

format. The names and phone numbers of public officials are especially


To be updated in June, it will cost $114.50 in one perfect-bound


$239.90 in a CD-ROM, with a searchable database and ability to print

reports and mailing labels and to export data. Call 800-242-5511 or

732-643-1212. Look for a sample page at

The New Jersey Business and Industry Association


include the Pocket Guide Directory to the 209th New Jersey


published in March, $6 for non-members with free updates, and the

NJBIA Compensation Report, published in September, $200. The

Rapid Finder Weekly Tax Deduction Tables, published in January,

provides payroll processing assistance to small businesses, $34 for


The 2000 issue of New Jersey Employment Laws and Regulations: A

Practical Guide for Employers, is $85 for non-members. Books on

federal employment laws and a federal minimum wage poster are also

available ($85 and $12, respectively, for non-members). All prices

plus sales tax. Call 609-393-7707, extension 239 or go online at

The New Jersey Chamber Business Directory is combined

with a hefty spiral-bound appointment calendar. Listed alphabetically

and by SIC code are the address, fax, telephone, and principals for

members of the chamber. Each week lists the legislators’ birthdays.

The guide is $60 for members; $120 for non-members. The state chamber

legislative roster is $6. Call 609-989-7888. An employment law


manual is $99 for nonmembers (888-216-7680) and the wage and hour

handbook is $69. State and federal employment law posters are $18

or free with the employment law manual. Search the website using name,

location, or SIC codes for basic facts on chamber members


Corfacts guides include the New Jersey Business to

Business Directory, listing 27,000 companies in 21 counties


6,000 web sites and 4,000 e-mail addresses. The listings are done

alphabetically, geographically, and by industry. The cost is $275

for either print or CD-ROM. The electronic version features hot links

to the companies’ web sites.

The New Jersey Directory of Small Businesses lists companies

with under 10 employees and is available in print for $245. Corfacts

also publishes directories for each of New Jersey’s 21 counties, for

$35-$50 per county, plus the Delaware Valley Business to Business

Directory, and the TriState Plus Directory, each for $145.

A new publication, Directory of Human Resources Top Executives,

lists 4,250 human resource contacts in New Jersey and the Delaware

Valley area. You can choose between print or CD-ROM for $175. To order

a Corfacts directory, call 973-326-9443 or E-mail:

By June, 2001, when you visit the web site (

you will be able to access Corfact’s database and create your own

customized directory based on the criteria you select.

Research Communications Group publishes the New Jersey

Business Source Book, which ranks the top 500 employers in New

Jersey in terms of size. The eighth edition was published in November,

2000, and includes new chapters covering web sites, professional trade

associations, and business assistance programs. The price is $149.95.

The disk version is $495.

Networking in New Jersey lists all the trade and professional

associations in New Jersey. Price: $59.95; Disk:$199. New Jersey

Labor Unions offers the name, address, local number, and telephone

number of more than 1,000 unions, indexed alphabetically and by town

and county. Price: $59.95; Disk: $199. Directory of Official New

Jersey includes towns, counties, elected officials, and government

functions. Price: $49.95; Disk: $199.

New Jersey Media Guide covers television, cable, print media,

college publications, new syndicates, directories, and state guides.

Price: $94.95; Disk: $295. All disk purchases include a free hard

copy of the book. RCG also publishes New Jersey Internships,

which tells you where and how to apply. Price: $24.95; Disk not


For more information, visit RCG’s website


Call 800-331-5076 or fax 512-458-2059.

Burrelle’s New Jersey Media Directory, is a subscription

service that lists all newspapers, magazines, and broadcast media

in the state. Regional directories will be available in January 2001

at Click on Media Directories. For more


call 800-766-5114. Burrelle’s Broadcast Database offers online

scripts to influential news and public affairs programming on CBS,

NBC, CNBC, NSNBC, FNN, some of ABC, and National Public Radio. You

can search by index terms or by date or program name. The database

is available through BRS/Search software or by a menu driven front-end

software. Call Janice Hyman at 800-631-1160, ext. 3036.

The Business News Book of Lists for New Jersey has more

than 50 Top Ten lists with addresses, phone numbers and fax numbers,

$39.95 plus tax and shipping, on disk for $149.95. The new version

is due in July. Call 732-246-5721.

The New Jersey Manufacturers Register , published in


in Evanston, Illinois, by Manufacturers News’ Inc. profiles 11,104

industrial firms in New Jersey, with SIC codes, and lists 19,915


The print version costs $111; the diskettes and CD-ROM version cost

$225 to $535, depending on the size of the businesses you are looking

for. Call 847-864-7000 or go to ( This


has similar information on every state in the union and profiles each

state in words. For New Jersey, it notes that 11 New Jersey plants

employ more than 2,000 people.

The New Jersey Business Credit Directory , published by

American Business Directories, has credit ratings and other


on 352,000 businesses in the state. The cost is $175 and includes

both the print version and CD-ROM. You can also purchase a "watch

dog" service on a particular business for 50 cents per month.

E-mail: or call 888-274-5325. Also


the New Jersey Business Directory with 341,000 businesses for

$520, including both print and CD-ROM. Individual reports can be


online for $3 at E-mail:

or 888-274-5325.

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How-To Books

The Mercer SBDC Feasability Workbook , $15, has Lotus and

Excel templates that can be used to make an excellent business plan.

It also asks the questions that a would-be entrepreneur needs to


Call 609-586-4800, extension 3469 (or go to

The New Jersey Corporation Handbook , a comprehensive guide

to New Jersey corporations by Robert D. Frawley, who is of


to the College Road-based Smith, Stratton, Heher, and Brennan. The

softbound volume with approximately 475 pages, includes information

regarding choosing a corporate entity, the importance of maintaining

and filing proper business records, resolving shareholder disputes,

and the duties of officers and directors. Published by West Group,

the 1999 edition costs $60. To order, call 800-344-5009, fax


or order online at

The New Jersey Small Business Resource Guide is available

from the SBA district office by calling Harry Menta at


(or by E-mail: Visit their web site at The free 38-page guide has sections on starting

and financing a business, government regulations, financial and


assistance programs, and local sources of help. The 2001 edition will

be available by the end of February.

The Department of Labor’s Employer Update provides


employers need on new regulations, laws, form filing, and Department

of Labor seminars. You can print the pamphlet free from their website

at To request a mailed

copy, call 609-292-6562.

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Leads Breakfasts

Central Jersey Network Group , 289 Route 33 East, c/o


Financial, Manalapan 07726. Drew Tomasco, president. 732-792-8100;

fax, 732-792-8455. E-mail: Home page:

Bi-weekly meetings on second and fourth Thursdays at 8:30 a.m. at

Prestigo Diner, Hightstown for business networking.

Mercer Chamber Breakfast Club , 214 West State Street,

Trenton 08608. Howard Roth, committee member. 609-393-4143; fax,


Home page: Meetings on second Wednesdays

at 8 a.m. at different sites.

Chamber of Commerce of the Princeton Area , 216 Rockingham

Row, Princeton Forrestal Village, Box 431, Princeton 08542. C. Ellen

Hodges, president. 609-520-1776; fax, 609-520-9107. E-mail:

Home page: Small Business Council

breakfast each month at the Nassau Club.

The Princeton Council , Box 101, Princeton 08542. Helene

Mazur, facilitator. 609-924-9399; fax, 609-924-9533. Structured


for the exchange of business information, leads, and referrals,


usually every other Thursday at 8 a.m. at the Princeton Hyatt.

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Public/Private Partnerships

Greater Mercer Transportation Management Association

(TMA) ,

15 Roszel Road, Princeton 08540. Sandra Brillhart, executive director.

609-452-1491; fax, 609-452-0028. E-mail: Home page: Public/private non-profit organization dedicated

to reducing congestion and providing transportation options in the

Mercer County region.

The Hamilton Partnership , Box 9270, Hamilton 08650. John

Bencivengo, executive director. 609-259-5899; fax, 609-259-7486.

E-mail: Home page:

Promotion of economic development.

Innovation Garden State New Jersey , 135 West Hanover


CN 828, Trenton 08625. Stephen Sasala, executive director.


fax, 609-984-4920. Home page:


pro-business partnership that seeks to attract and retain businesses

in New Jersey — formerly Prosperity New Jersey.

Keep Middlesex Moving Inc. , 100 Bayard Street, Second

Floor, New Brunswick 08901. Peter A. Cantu, executive director.


fax, 732-745-7482. E-mail: Home page:

Nonprofit transportation management association serving employers,

municipalities, and developers in Middlesex County.

Mercer County Workforce Investment Board , 640 South Broad

Street, Box 8068, Trenton 08650. Cathy Tramontana, operations


609-989-6049; fax, 609-989-6882. Coordinated training, employment,

and education resources to foster a consumer-based and market-driven

workforce, with One-Stop Career Center and School-to-Work programs.

The Regional Planning Partnership , 870 Mapleton Road,

Princeton 08540. Dianne Brake, president. 609-452-1717; fax,


E-mail: Home page:

Regional planning, research and advocacy group for Mercer, Somerset,

and Middlesex region, formerly MSM.

RideWise of Raritan Valley , 166 West Main Street,


08876. Anita S. Perez, executive director. 908-704-1011; fax,


E-mail: Home page:

Agency providing commuting assistance for anyone working in Somerset


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Chambers of Commerce

Business Entrepreneurs Network of New Jersey , 48 West

Lafayette Street, Trenton 08608. Greg Williams, president.


fax, 609-278-9500. Networking and support group for small business

owners and operators, formerly Mercer County Black Business


Chamber of Commerce of the Princeton Area , 216 Rockingham

Row, Princeton Forrestal Village, Box 431, Princeton 08542. C. Ellen

Hodges, president. 609-520-1776; fax, 609-520-9107. E-mail:

Home page: Monthly luncheons at the

Doral Forrestal. @lt = Greater Mercer County Chamber of


214 West State Street, Trenton 08608. Cathy Frank White,


609-393-4143; fax, 609-393-1032. Home page:

Promotion of the economic, commercial, industrial and professional

welfare of county; breakfasts and luncheons monthly.

Hightstown/East Windsor Chamber of Commerce , Box 87,


08520. Patricia Lee, chamber administrator. 609-448-4412; fax,


Metropolitan Trenton African American Chamber of Commerce ,

200 East State Street, Second Floor, Trenton 08608. John E. Harmon,

president. 609-393-5933; fax, 609-393-9166. E-mail:

Home page: Division of Mercer County Chamber

with luncheons on second Tuesdays.

Middlesex County Regional Chamber of Commerce , 1


Way, Monmouth Junction 08852. Nancy M. Ostin, executive director.

732-821-1700; fax, 732-821-5852. E-mail: Home page: Regional chamber for Middlesex County with a mission

of helping business growth, promoting networking, legislative updates,

and business referrals.

New Jersey Business & Industry Association , 102 West State

Street, Box 230, Trenton 08602. Joseph Gonzalez, president.


fax, 609-989-7371. Home page: Business advocate

representing over 16,000 New Jersey companies.

New Jersey Chamber of Commerce , 216 West State Street,

Trenton 08608. Joan Verplanck, president. 609-989-7888; fax,


E-mail: Home page:

Member service organization linking government and private sector

to advance interests of free enterprise system and promote favorable

business climate for job providers.

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