Editor’s note: The story below was written Tuesday, April 27. The U.S. 1 Directory did roll off the presses OK, but the gods of interstate trucking were not kind. The book was not delivered on Thursday, as scheduled. Instead it was delayed until sometime Monday, May 5. We regret any inconvenience.

If the gods of interstate commerce are willing, the annual U.S. 1 Business Directory will be in our office sometime during the day on Thursday, April 29. As always, this year’s edition reflects hundreds of hours spent processing nearly 1,000 coupons returned by businesses eager to see their listings as accurate as possible, as well as additional time researching businesses that had moved into — or out of — our community over the past year.

The result, we believe, is another useful guide to the business community, valuable if you simply need to find a locksmith for your office or home, or if you are looking for a biotech R&D firm to join you in a business partnership.

In all we have 5,613 companies in 226 categories that reflect both the information age and the practical world. At $18.95 that works out to about one-third of a penny per company. See the ad on page 8 for ordering information.

#b#To the Editor: Stand Against Racism#/b#

I am proud to be an official site for the 2010 “YWCA Stand Against Racism Event.” This event will be Friday, April 30, at 9:30 a.m. in front of my gallery at 28 Palmer Square East, Princeton. The Stand Against Racism is a movement of the YWCA that aims to eliminate racism by raising awareness through this annual event. Organizations across the US will be participating.

It is my hope that the community, including merchants, employees, and friends will join us and show their support for this worthwhile event. Participants are invited to gather and join hands, where we will form a “human chain,” stretching throughout the town, sharing a vision to eliminate racism and celebrate the richness of the diversity in this community. Please contact me if your business would like to join.

Kathie Maguire Morolda, Cranbury Station Galleries, KMMorolda@hotmail.com

#b#Rock On, PRex#/b#

Thanks for the in-depth look at the Princeton Record Exchange (April 14, 2010). I’m one of those customers-for-life the article mentioned. Aside from my parents’ home, the PRex is my No. 1 destination during my annual visit back to the town in which I grew up. I can’t recall when I first set foot in the PRex or when I bought my first record there, but it’s at least 13 years ago. My wife and kids know that when we visit grandma and grandpa, daddy needs at least three hours alone in that record store.

Between 1997 and 2002, I found many gems while researching my book “Stars of David: Rock n’ Roll’s Jewish Stories” (Brandeis University Press 2003), and have continued to strike it historically and culturally as well as sonically rich, as recently as my last visit in March. (Not to mention that the vibe is unrivaled.) I always wondered about the history of the shop. Thanks to you, now I know. Sorry I missed the party. Rock on,

Scott Benarde, Boynton Beach, FL

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