Diamonds evolve over years to reach a clarity characteristic that determines what cut of perfection it becomes.

Diamond’s Restaurant owners Anthony and Tommy Zucchetti started their brand “Diamonds” in the once historic restaurant district of “Chambersburg” in Trenton. The Zucchetti brothers have dedicated the last 35 years to cultivating their brand in the Central New Jersey region and earning the prestige of what a gemologist would call a “Fine Cut” with awards from Wine Spectator for their fine selection of wines.

January of 2018: Diamond’s of Hamilton and Pennington received the Distinguished Restaurant of North America (DiRōNA) Award. A restaurant displaying the DiRōNA Achievement of Distinction in Dining certificate has earned one of the most respected awards in the dining and hospitality communities.

DiRōNA provides a forum for education, networking, philanthropy, and marketing benefits for its awardees, and this recognition of excellence is featured throughout United States, Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean.

April of 2018: Diamond’s of Hamilton and Pennington received 5 Star recognition from the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences. In addition, Executive Chef Antonella Tradigo of the Hamilton location and Executive Chef Armando Rodas of Pennington both received a 5 Star Diamond Award for their culinary talents.

AAHS started as a restaurant-rating bureau, founded in 1949 by a plethora of luxury sector veterans and experts including Frank Sinatra, and is renowned worldwide for awarding excellence in the global travel and luxury services sector. Each year the Academy bestows its coveted International Star Diamond Award exclusively on five and six-star quality hotels, spas, golf courses, restaurants, chefs, destinations, airlines, cruise lines, products, hoteliers, and VIP Figures. This award is the most prestigious emblem of achievement, recognizing true quality in the hospitality and luxury service industries worldwide. All recipients are deemed to be of pinnacle quality and global recognition.

The Academy was originally formed as an International Restaurant Rating Bureau in 1949 in Chicago, Illinois. Forty years later, in 1989, Joseph Cinque relocated the organization’s headquarters from Chicago to New York City, where it is still based today.

Diamond’s of Hamilton, 661 Route 33, Hamilton (inside Cedar Gardens). 609-981-7900.

Diamond’s of Pennington, 25 Route 31 South, Pennington (in Pennington Shopping Center). 609-730-1244.­

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